20 Questions The Sex Addition

I like playing games. And, well, what better game could be played than something like 20 questions? Curiosity's going to be the death of me someday..in the meantime, I might as well enjoy it. ^-^

Here I have posted 20 questions about sex, or other "uncomfortable subjects" relating to sex. PLEASE BE HONEST. This is just a game to have a little fun, expose yourself(no pun intended) and be open about your life. You don't have to play if you wish not to…but try it. You might like it. ^_~

You can answer the same questions, if you like. Please offer yo initials/name, so we can tell whose updated(no anonymous allowed. Sneaky, right?). But if you want (and this is encouraged) please submit your own list of questions. This page may not need to be called "20 questions" anymore..but, hell. We can live with "20+", right?

ALSO: please don't just give vague/noncommittal answers like "yeah," "sure," or "who hasn't?". Deliver substance. ^^

Alex's Addition

1. What is the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you during sex/a sexual encounter?12
ALEX: Hm. Well, I suppose the most embarrassing thing would be to have been fooling around all night only to get out of bed before school and realize your cute little fish has been watching the whole thing. ^^; (tis a corny answer, but I loved that fish).
JOHN: Pfft, I dont remember. Probably falling off a bed?
JEN: We were just getting into it when all of a sudden his mom calls "supper's ready!!" (We didn't even know she was home! XO )

2. Has there ever been a time when something happened to "buzz kill" the mood?
ALEX: Once. Only once. And it happened at the most inconvenient time. I was fooling around with someone and we got this scare that someone was going to walk in on us.
JOHN: Becca called me, I answered. BAD move. That phone call took like 20 minutes!
JEN: Yeah, picking up the phone is never a good idea, because whoever is on the line won't stop talking, and of course you don't want to tell them to leave you alone because you were about to have sex…

3. Name something that you have tried in the past that you were hesitant about beforehand. Did your feelings change about that event afterwards?
ALEX: Oral sex. And it took a while for my feelings to change on that one.
JOHN: *thinks* I talk things out before hand. So this is a mute point
JEN: I was really hesitant about doing anything in a place where I could potentially get caught. Yet every now and then I'd have a spur of the moment kind of thing, and then afterward, couldn't believe I'd been so adventurous, and declare I'd never do that again…(example, we took a shower at his house while his Nana was home…and somehow didn't get caught…)

4. Pick at least one fantasy. Doesn't matter. Pick anything. Name one thing that's special about that fantasy.
ALEX: In a word? Exhibitionist.
JOHN: A partner that TALKS about issues within a relationship. Not even sexual ones, just someone that communicates.
JEN: Hmm..I'm not really sure on this one. It's fun to pretend that the relationship is new and we're doing things for the first time, because that way one takes their time with it and explores a little more.

5. Have you ever been walked in on/interrupted during sex/a sexual encounter?
ALEX: Not unless you count a pet.
JOHN: Nope. I am ninja. Been walked in on kissings before, although there was nothing sexual about it at the time.
JEN: Dude, it's been close.

6. Think of "the usual routine". Name one thing you would like to change about it, if anything.
ALEX: I would definitely love to change being so reserved about it. I want to be more forward, dammit. ^^;
JOHN: Throw the whole thing out the window. Its not working for me damit!
JEN: I can't really say there is much of a routine. So..nothing?

7. What was the most romantic thing that's ever happened during a sexual moment?
ALEX: I dunno. I got surprised once by someone giving me a back massage. I would call that pretty romantic.
JOHN: Probably stopping things to set out some candles and just bask in a warm room with someone. That was a lot of fun.
JEN: I'd have to go with the same answer as Alex. I think back massages are pretty romantic, and they don't happen enough!

8. Name something that was both shocking and pleasant that happened during a sexual encounter.
ALEX: Heh. I got pushed up against the wall and kissed once. That was pretty hawt.
JOHN: I will NEVER respond to that question in public lol. Ask in private for that particular thing, but don't expect me to answer it!
JEN: I can't really think of anything for this one. = (

9. What is your favorite thing about sex? Why?
ALEX: This one's easy: power tripping. I like being able to pleasure someone, so hearing their reactions makes me really happy and repeats the Mandark maniacal laugh from Dexter's Laboratory.
JOHN: Communication. Talking with someone on a pure, basic and primal level.
JEN: I think having a sexual relationship with someone you care about deepens the bond between you, and I really like feeling closer to someone I care about.

10. Has your partner ever pushed for something during sex that you weren't wholly comfortable with?
ALEX: Several times. Can't say it made it easier. The more something is pushed for that I don't want, the more I'm willing to resist it.
JOHN: YES! And I wasn't really given the option to stop it at the time. Lol, that was an odd eavning.
JEN: Yeah, but I'm stubborn.

11. Name one thing that turns you on.
ALEX: Hands. Either roaming/exploring hands, or holding hands.
JOHN: Talking. Is anyone else catching a theme here?
JEN: Kissing.

12. Where was the strangest place you've ever fooled around?
ALEX: There's this little recycle room behind the laundry room in Portland Hall. Me and my "friend" couldn't be alone together in a room, so his plan was to hide out there.
JOHN: Search me, i'm boring =( Proably once or twice in places around the house when the family was FAR away.
JEN: The woods, heehee.

13. Have you ever had cyber sex?
ALEX: Yes. And, damn, did I feel really silly. ^^;
JEN: Not me. I've tried to write sexy letters before, but somehow they just seem cheesy. I doubt I could manage cyber sex.

14. Name a time you ever felt extremely awkward during a sexual moment.
ALEX: Well, since I tend to feel awkward when I'm nervous, I'd have a bunch. ^^; It usually happens at the start of fooling around. I don't know what to do, and my mind goes blank so I usually end up waiting for the other person to make the first move.
JEN: Ah, when the phone rings, or someone knocks on the door…Sort of wondering whether to continue, or not…

15.3 Is it considered rude to reassure someone that you would use a condom if you raped them, after knocking them unconscious with a NINJA KICK to the face?
ALEX: I don't know about "rude"; that depends how you mean it. It might give the rapee some type of subconscious relief, but I still think that condom-usage would be the furthest thing from the person's mind after knowing they'd just been raped.
JOHN: Dude, this is totally the right thing to say after your partner wakes up from that kick!4
JEN: Well, if I ever got over the anger of being kicked in the face, (as if that wasn't enough) and raped, I might be kind of thankful they decided to use a condom. So, to be fair, it isn't rude to use a condom while you rape someone, but it is rude to ninja kick someone in the face and rape them.

16. Have you ever experienced a sexual encounter where everything went smoothly? Like how it's shown in Hollywood?
ALEX: Definitely not. I know Hollywood's never real, but you have to wonder if this ever happens to someone.
JOHN: Nope, women are hard to deal with when they always roll over and fall asleep O_o.
JEN: Every time! We're totally awesome at sex! XP Just kidding. Come on, nothing is ever perfect Hollywood in real life. I actually saw a movie once where they tried to make it more real life (the sex scene I mean) and the only thing that made it real at all, was the guy had a hard time getting himself situated inside of her. I think she said "wrong hole" or something and that's how you knew he didn't know what he was doing..but the rest of the scene? Despite their intentions to make it real, it was totally Hollywood smooth and not real. Xp

17. Do you believe sex should only be experienced between two people in love? Why/not?
ALEX: Nope. I honestly don't know how sex is/would be with someone you love. I've experienced it with people I care about and trust, but I think sex is a basic human need. I think society largely states that sex should only happen between people in love. It stigmatizes prostitution and helps population control (lol).
JOHN: I believe in freedom of sexuality. While i'm not yet comfortable with it, I wouldn't expect my long term partner to be totally exclusive to me all the time. While I expect them not to run off for days on end, I feel they should be free to explore safely.
JEN: I think in this matter you can only really speak for yourself. If other people can enjoy anyone these please and are happy with themselves and their life while doing so, that's great. But for me, I feel like I'd have to have a strong relationship with a person first. I'd have to really love them, because otherwise, to me, it wouldn't feel right at all. I don't even see someone as sexually attractive unless I like their personality, so you'll never see me drooling over shirtless guys at the beach, lol.

(…ok. So 17. That's close to twenty. lol. Have fun with them. ^^)

Jen's addition to the 20+ questions

18. If there is some sort of dispute in the bedroom (for example they did something that you felt was a turn off) do you feel that it is better to talk about it right then and there, or to wait until afterwards? Or would you even bring it up?
JEN: I can't recall the specific event, but I know there was a time that happened, and it was addressed right then and there. It didn't actually ruin the moment believe it or not, lol. However, I did read somewhere that it's best to address bedroom issues outside of the bedroom so there is no extra pressure on your partner. It makes sense, and does sound like it might be a good idea.
ALEX: I don't remember any specific examples in the past, but I know there were one or two instances this kinda thing happened. I didn't tell him why I didn't like it; I just pulled away and told him not to do it. Our relationship was pretty much "try and see", so he was OK with it ^^

19. In the movie A.I. one of the main characters is a cyborg (or robot or whatever you please to call it xp) and one of his functions was to have sex with people. So, the question is, let's say in the near future they make robots that are capable of being sex objects. Would you ever even consider the use of something like this, even just for the experience?
JEN: I really don't know how I feel about that. I have to admit I'd be curious about it, but i really don't think I'd be interested in that sort of thing.
ALEX: I have to agree with Jen: I would be really curious. On the other hand…I wonder if it would interest me at all. I mean, Jude Law is pretty charming (lol). Seriously, though, it would definitely be different. But I think I would opt out. I play off the real and true reactions of someone, so having sex with a cyborg wouldn't be the same.

20. What is your opinion about 'doggy style' sex?
ALEX: I've thought about it. The situation was brought up before a couple times, but never went much beyond "well, that's interesting". I'm kinda neutral-leaning-towards-uncertain on this one. Although, honestly, I think I may think of gay men and have to laugh ^^

21. Would you ever consider having sex on the beach? (Think seclusion ^^)
ALEX: I've thought about it. I think it would be pretty funny and awkward at times, with all the sand around and everything. But, honestly? I would love to try it. I already am in love with the ocean and the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore..as long as we were far enough away from people, I'd say bring it on.

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