She joined the original authors after a few months of the story's first creation… all the way back in 8th grade (zomg). She was accused of witchcraft (a stigma that will follow her to the end of her days) and she has tried many times to run away from her friends… only to be chased down, tied to train tracks and forced into friendship once again. Alex Can never get off Jen's stalking list, after all. = )

Parts of the story with Alex:

"I'm looking for…" She started, but at seeing all the many interesting costumes in the room, when it came to what she was looking for her mind didn't go blank, it exploded with random thoughts. "that witch costume would be perfect to trick john into wearing, or maybe jen for starting the witch trails in the first place, or that soldiers uniform would be neat, and then there's this chicken costume, but why would i want that? i dont need it..but i want it…"

The Grand Stories Chapter 11 The Plot Baby

She picked up a trash can lid to block the attacks, but instead as she swung it to protect herself, she hacked off one of the heads of her attackers. "OMG!" she yelled in horror, and tried to surrender to the bad people (who now looked very mad) by throwing the lid to the ground, but it instead hit the wall and bounced back into her hands, just in time to sever another head. "I'm sorry!!" she cried, as an endless crowd of shadows advanced her in a rage, but as much as she tried to cower or run from the attack, she only found herself covered in more and more blood, as her ninja costume made her hack and slash her opponents.

The Grand Stories Chapter 11 The Plot Baby

"BLASPHEMY!!" Alex shouted. Her friends followed suit by whispering to each other. "Blasphemy." "Blasphemy." "Blasphemous." "Hippopotamus."

And at the last remark, there was a moment where each stopped what they were doing to glare coldly over at a random orphan that stood near them. The orphan was then shot, because there was no need for hippopotamus utterances.

The Grand Stories Chapter 34 And Now for Something Completely Different

"You have candy corn teeth!" Alex pointed. John groaned before shuffling off. He returned with a sash and threw it aggressively over Alex's head. Alex looked at the sash.

"Cap…tain…Ob…vi…ous…" Alex read slowly.

"You're a captain!?!" Nichole asked, pouting in jealousy.

"Neat." Sally congratulated. Alex beamed. John slapped his forehead
"Ugh." John sighed.

"Uhm…. excuuuuuuse me?" Amy asked, her voice coming out in a slight hiss as she spoke. The four other people glanced over at her. "I thought we were on me now?"

"But Alex got promoted." Sally pointed out.

"Yeah, Amy. Don't be so selfish." Nichole stated.

The Grand Stories Chapter 34 And Now for Something Completely Different

Alex, unable to stop so abruptly, demonstrated a perfect example of one of Newton's Laws of Physics: an Alex in motion
must stay in motion.

Our Own Little Sci Fi Adventure Chapter 1: The Beginning (..we think).

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