The OWND Count du Ali

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I1 have an issue lately with being unable to win anything. I blame it all on Nate and Ron and my inability to have a quick, snappy comeback tongue but here it is.

This page does NOT make me Krillin (and I will karate chop anyone who suggests that. This is just a counteract page for Nate's It is Nate's Fault personal page.

Any questions?

  • Matt (Bio Matt) overheard Ali saying she wanted to work with big cats that reminded her of Eclipse and one of the examples she gave a coworker was "panther". Matt said there was no such thing as panthers.
  • Ali doesn't remember what exactly she was own'd on, but James own'd her in philosophy, math and English (the last one was the one that hurt the most)
  • Jen and Ali were arguing about which one of them was being ridiculous and Ali made the mistake of saying "whatever", which clearly meant that she conceded a win and lost the battle.
  • Nate and Ali were arguing about story archetypes and whether the obstacles in the plot mattered or not. Ali argued that the obstacles might as well not exist ("irrelevant" was the key word) but Nate said they needed to exist, it just didn't matter what the obstacle was. Once again, she got bested at English. :[
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