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These ones aren't as organized cuz I don't have as many shows as I do movies. Although, in a way, I suppose these are all organized by my personal favorites

Penn & Teller: BULLSHIT! seasons 1-5 (although one disc from season 4 is MIA in John's house. ><)
NCIS seasons 1 & 2
Heroes seasons 1-3
Metalocalypse seasons 1 & 2 (the second was stolen by James Hadley and I don't think I will see it again)
Robot Chicken seasons 1 & 2
10th Kingdom -whole series-
Firefly -whole series-
South Park seasons 5, 8 & 9
Family Guy seasons 1-5
Dead Like Me -whole series-
Psych season 1 & 2
Outer Limits (new series) season 1
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends season 1
The X-Files season 1
MASH season 1, volume 1
Queer as Folk (America) seasons 1 & 2

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