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Called the King of the Gods, as in late Egyptian religion they started believing in monotheisim and worshiped Amun-Re above all others.

He began simply as the god of air, which was later associated with the 'breath of life'
This later caused his to be thought of as the creator of all the other gods.

When Amun was just the god of air, his religious symbol was the goose. This later became a ram, a symbol of fertility.

During the later ages called the New Kingdom, Amun was joined with Re, the sun god, and became Amun-Re, even more powerful.

Also during the time of monotheisim, other gods were joined by him and he took on their personalities. The only god that remained seperate from Amun-Re is Osiris, the god of the underworld, for Amun-Re has no power there.

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