Again, one of the original-original creators of the Stories saga. She is the long-lost confidente of the Chicken Nugget in a Trench Coat, and used to see evil monkeys on the ceiling in freshman World History (but anyone who had Mr. Forbes for World History would rather talk to the evil monkeys on the ceiling). Amy is one of the evilest of them all. But she doesn't own a funny hat. She'd be much more evil and confusing with one of those.

Parts of The Story With Amy:

She was determined to get through this dinner party properly. As she marched into the kitchen, puppy-Alex successfully attacked one of Amy's shoelaces. Losing it, Amy screamed: "I'LL TURN YOU INTO DOG CHOWDER!"

The Super Evil Super Random Super Hero Super Story chapter 4 Quoth The Raven "What The Fuck?"

Amy gathered herself. "one of you…is A MURDERER!" She cried. "a murderer?" Everyone gasped. "yes! a villanous, blood thirsty fiend! a horrendous cockroach! Slime and filth of the earth! a maggot! a deprived baby eating monster! a MORMON! "

The Super Evil Super Random Super Hero Super Story Chapter 6 A Mad Hatter Likes His Tea With A Biscuit

Amy checked her watch as her right foot tapped with impatience. The
other hand resting on her hip, she angrily looked into the agreed
direction the Killer Bunny would come from. "Dammit. If he's late, we'll NEVER
catch that ship to Zanarkand!"

The Grand Stories Chapter 7 Delirium

It then turned the corner, and to Ian's surprise a Pterodactyl came stomping into view, wings held high over its head. Little did he know, this was evil master mind Amy in disguise.

She stopped and glared around her in a menacing and stern Pterodactyl way, and then opened the door to Murray Industries with her large toothy beak.

The Society Of Evil Pterodactyl Power Activate!

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