Hair: brown
eyes: green
height: 5'7
weight: 130lbs
occupation: police officer
age: 27
hometown: Boston mass

Bridget was a police officer At the age of 18 but at 27 the war happened and the sky went black with clouds. After the supposed apocalypse she grew fangs and claws like those of a large cat. Her skin is now slightly striped black and her eyes turned yellow.
She lost her friends and family during the war, and though part of her wants to uphold justice and find peace in this new world of insanity, but the other half craves revenge and wants to find the answers. Where did the mutation come from? Who, or what nation, created the disease that killed nearly 75% of the world's population?

Bridget is of Irish ancestry, she grew up in Mass with her little brother Conor, and her parents Sarah and Colin.

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