Call Of Cthulhu

Our little group of friends play a role-playing game called Call of Cthulhu. If anyone is familiar with the game, Dungeons and Dragons, it is based on the same system. It is what one might call a horror role playing game.

(if you want more information on the game itself, we are choosing to outsource our resources since there is quite a lot about the game to explain. If you want more information, GO HERE.

This page is what's called the scenario. The scenario is the storyline that we play using the rules and guidelines of Cthulhu. Usually they're written to be played…..but I don't think we're going to play out this one (namely being that there are too many "old" inside jokes that are going to be played out that a lot of our newer friends wouldn't understand. I just wanted to write it for the fun. ^-^)

So if you're ready, we shall begin. :D


Background Information

There is a house in the neighboring village that everyone knows about; but no one ever wants to go there. It is not talked about a lot, it is mainly ignored. Which is a huge feat, considering the house is so big and so….there. But no one in the village (either next to it or in the village itself) liked to talk about the house. Unlike any of the regular occurrences of this nature, this hosue was not haunted. People just avoided it because it was far too silly.

The characters of this scenario all happen to live around the village and have known for a while about this house. They were bored one Saturday afternoon and decided to go to the house.

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