Celtic Zodiac

December 24-January 20


Stags are naturally noble, attentive and have high ideals and aspirations. They are patient, but also persistent, for they are not willing to give up. They are good, hard workers. The stag in Celtic lore is seen as a royal animal.

January 21-February 17


Cat's are quick minded and witty. They are seen as intellectuals, and have a sixth sense for seeing things that others do not. They are kind and lovable, but also prefer to observe, so they may appear to be stand offish.

February 18-March 17


Cool but lively, they are curious and love to ask questions. They are very persuasive and good with words. They are highly motivating and can easily rally crowds with their speeches. They are spontanious, and hate being backed into corners.

March 18- April 14


Fox are cunning, sly and mischivious. They like to adventure, and love telling stories about the things they have done. They are very soft hearted but don't tend or like to show it, but they are not shy about showing their loyalty. A fox is a friend for life. Fox are also very brave.

April 15-May 12


The bull is strong, loving, and honest. They are there when you need them and highly dependable. They have great intuition, and can spot a lie from a mile away. They tend to like fashion (perhaps being trendy?) but are also stubburn.

May 13-June 9

Sea Horse

The sea horse is very resourceful, and great with money and finances. They are clever, have a great memory and a high charisma. They also love affection.

June 10- July 7


Wrens have a sunny disposition, and are always cheerful. They love helping others and have the gift of remaining calm despite stressful situations. They are self motivated, and work best solo.

July 8-August 4


The horse if powerful and competitive. They are very confident, enjoy challenges, and are very charming. They also are natural navigators, always able to find their way.

August 5-September 1


Fish are whimsical, wise, and see the world in a very unique way. They make fantastic philosophers, but people may not always be able to follow their unusual train of thought, as sometimes they dive too deep, where others can not follow. But they are creative and bring forth a fresh perspective.

September 2-September 29


Swans are spiritual and passionate. They tend to be hopeless romantics, refined, noble and charming. They are graceful, and have high standards.

September 30-October 27


Butterflies are extremely social, gentle people. They stay connected with people through thick and thin, and have bright personalities. They are also dreamers, and tend to be passifist.

October 28-November 24


Wolves are very purposful, and want to be understood. They will go out of their way to make sure that their point is clear and well recieved. They thrive on challenges, and are fearless. They do not back down or give up. Wolves are also very honorable.

November 25-December 23


Falcons take what they want, and are very direct. They are wise, open minded, and enjoy being philosophical.

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