Chain Story
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Chapter 1

(By Todd)
It was quite simple, in mind. All she had to do was get the key ring from the greasy fat man behind the desk. Forget the fact that she was trapped behind a nice warm and fuzzy set of steel bars. The inhibitors were starting to itch. Weaponless, magic less, and with no apparent escape, Sei was stuck. Arrested for a crime she didn’t commit she simply had to get out. She knew the execution was tomorrow and so she would die if the keys remained out of reach.

“Hey fatty! Did your mama dress ya today!?” … no response other than a simple look of disdain. “Hey Fatty stop eating those meat pies and you might actually be able to see yourself PEE! I mean your stomachs so fat you got dickie do syndrome… your stomach hangs out more than your DICKIDO!” still not much of a response. Fatty was a hard one to break. Sei had been at him nearly all afternoon trying to twist him into coming over to the cage. He just seemed like a fat impassive blob that took insults like a sponge and didn’t move more than was necessary.

“You’re a cod fish and your mother is a crab filled brothel worker!” fatty favored Sei with another disdain filled blank stare and continued eating his 3rd meat pie. The key ring was so tantalizingly close and it seemed to jingle with mischievous glee as it swung upon his belt.

“Hey big boy come on over and I’ll show ya a good time. Work up that sausage of yours into a frenzy of … fun,” slurring the last couple of words seductively. The pig simply wiped crumbs off his chin and took another large bite of his pie. The simplicity of the act drove Sei mad. She wanted to kick him just to see him move. They had already taken her shoes after they were expertly used as makeshift projectiles. The only thing she had now was the pendent given to her by her dead lover. For all the military training she had she could not breach these metal bars.

A commotion arose and echoed down the stair well. Had they come for her already? Had she really been wasting that much time trying to get the fat man to bring the key ring? No it couldn’t be. A squeaky wooden door at the top of the spiral stone steps opened and boots could be heard on the stairs. A few seconds later a duo became visible each bearing the standard tunic of Ishlaku.

“soldier, you are relieved of your dutys for the day. Go home and enjoy a nice payed day off.” One of the duo stated to the pie eating fat man.

“ By who’s authorization?” he inquired curiously

“Mine!” the man in the front of the duo exclaimed emphasizing his words with a thrust of a dirk into the greasy mans chest. He must have hit his heart because Fatty went down without a word or even a twitch.

“Hey Sei watcha doin in there? You were supposed to complete your mission not get stuck in some shit hole with a watch dog.”

“Hey Mitch why don’t you go lick a dwarf! Toss me the keys you useless dog!”

“Oooooh if I’m such a dog I think i'll simply leave you in there and watch you hang at the gallows tomorrow.” Smiling gleefully he tossed her the keys. She proceeded to unlock the inhibitors and then the cell door all the while swapping playful insults with her second in command.

“Hey mitch howed ya get in here? I mean they hid me pretty good in here.”

“Real simple… I followed my nose and found the stinkiest cell and it just so happened that you were here!” the duo snickered at her half assed glare.

“Hey ghost you’re as chipper as ever!” referring to the near silent, shorter of the pair. “Why don’tcha head upstairs and see if we are clear to go?” Ghost simply nodded and headed back the way he had entered with Mitch. “Never does change, that boy, quiet as a mouse yet one of the best in combat and stealth… is he still improving?”

“course he is! Who wouldn’t improve under my care! I'm insulted to think that you question my training” mitch put on a sulky face which he couldn’t hold for more than a few seconds before bursting into a chuckle. “let’s get goin Sei. We killed a few more than we should have and your big mouth might bring a few more on our heads.”

Sei nodded and moved over to the dead blob. Searching his body she unclipped his sword belt and took his dagger as well as his purse. “Never know when a little coin can help you.” The sword belt was a bit large for her so she put it across her chest in a diagonal pattern with the sheath over her back easily within reach. “Never was one for the traditional hip draw!”

Mitch smirked and drew his own blade. Sei drew her knew sword and inspected its quality. It was a plain and boring weapon meant for its job and nothing more. No ornaments or other gaudy baubles set into the hilt. Good, she didn’t want a useless blade. They were meant for cutting and stabbing not showing. Of course in her profession it was life and death.

“Move out soldier! By the way, that tunic makes you look fat!” Sei started laughing as she received Mitch’s scowl!

“well your fat weather you have a tunic or not!” he shot back as they made their way up the stairs. The stone steps felt icy on Sei’s bare feet but the thought of staying down there and watching a pig man eat pies all day pushed her into a decision rather quickly and chose to grin and bare it.

She rushed up the stairs with Mitch on her heels. Ghost waited at the top of the stairs standing over another few dead guards. Shouts could be heard off in the distance echoing off the walls of the corridor.

“Well that sounds like it’s time to go!”


Ghost just nodded and started down the hall.

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