Chicken Nugget In A Trench Coat Aka Cniatc

Who knows when this mysterious (albeit "intriguingly handsome") character came into the story. Perhaps he has been there since the beginning. Perhaps even before the beginning. Perhaps even before creation.

Chicken Nugget In The Story-

But when Amy stopped to consider the cause of the burning building and flaming shrapnel that whizzed by, she saw standing before her none other then the chicken nugget in a trench coat himself. "How could you abandon me for this useless ball of fur and teeth?" he growled, small beedy eyes glaring up at her. "it's not how it seems nugget." Amy sneered at him. Chicken nugget in a ttrenchcoat stomped his feet in rage. "IT'S EXACTLY HOW IT SEEMS!" He pointed at the rabbit. "THIS RABBIT MUST BE DESTROYED! YOU;RE NOT EVEN LOOKING FOR THE PLOT BECAUSE HE'S GETTING IN YOUR WAY! DO YOU WANT TO BE STUCK IN THE STORY FOREVER?" Amy grinned slyly as she pulled a gun from her pocket. "actually, yes chicken nugget. If we stay here in the story we will live forever. isn't that better then finding the plot to our lives?" Chicken nugget in a trench coat shook his head. "to live without meaning?! there's no point!!" Amy sighed delacatly as she pointed the gun at chicken nugget in a trench coat." i'll take my plotless life, to live forever. for power. you don't understand chicken nugget. and you never will." BANG! the street lay eirriely silent after the second explosion of violent sound that night.

The Grand Stories Chapter 8 Dangerous Conspiracies

"because I'm evil. he replied. Diablos came over, and chicken nugget sat on his shoulder. "and to prove how evil I am, I'm going to have to kill you all, for knowing too much." With that, Diablos and the Chicken nugget dissapeared. "I smell something funny." Jen replied. "well it wasn't me" grummbled Vegeta. "……like…. MC DONALDS?!?!!"

A Grand Storyness Chapter 8 We're in, like, a hole…"

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