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Covers are a typical part of the musical industry. If you're unfamiliar with what covers are, it's pretty simple: an artist/band performs a song. A while later, another artist/band comes along and performs the same song, but adds their own little personal "twist" to it (whether it be a different tempo, a mash-up, etc.)

So feel free to post your favorite or least liked cover songs here. Please, also, to make sure you put your name on the entry so we know who dis/likes what.

And have fun with it. :]

Table of Contents

Poker Face


"Poker Face" by Lady Gaga
"Poker Face" by Lea Michele and Idina Menzel (Glee)

Personally, I don't like the mash up. I love Lady Gaga's music. You can always count on her music to be above the ordinary and have a terrific beat. The Glee cover of the song, however, has neither one of those qualities. The cover has an odd and mismatched tempo, going from really slow to a lot more upbeat. The tones of both singers voices (although both are highly accomplished Broadway performers) are all over the scales and don't seem to melody together well through most of the song.

Dream On


"Dream On" by Aerosmith
"Dream On" by Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris (Glee)

"Dream On" is not meant to be a duet. And it is hard to beat the high pitched almost-wail of Stephen Tyler's voice. But this Glee performance of (my personal favorite) Aerosmith song is amazing. Neil Patrick Harris' voice is more high pitched and angelic, whereas Matthew Morrison's voice is smoky and rock style. The fact that the two actor's characters are battling for the lead role in Les Mis makes the electricity of their performance ever-more-chilling. Also, the high pitched wail that came in the crescendo of the song by NPH cinched this song for being the most fantastic performance yet to be seen in the Glee Universe.

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