Deaths In Doctor Who

by Alex

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This started with me showing off my favorite show (Doctor Who :P) to Nathan. In the series, there are MANY characters who claim that the Doctor leads death everywhere; anywhere he goes, people die. Well, 1) it's not really his fault. 2) I wanted to take a count of all the people in each episode that kick the bucket. Just for fun. :D

The show number does like this: SEASON.EPISODE NUMBER IN SEASON (ie. season 3, episode 14 would be 3.141 xD)

Series 1

1.01: Wilson (shop manager), Clive, assumed bunch of mall shoppers, tons of pedestrians, nesting consciousness of living plastic
1.02: steward, the girl tree (I forget her name), Cassandra
1.03: (undead don't count) Grandson, Gwenyth
1.04: prime minister, army general, a room full of alien experts (at least 20), "receptionist" at 10 Downing St.
1.05: 10-12 Slitheen
1.06: torturer, (TV set, west coast internet), 11 soldiers, the woman soldier protecting Rose and Adam, a room full of soldiers, a couple doctors, a guy in a suit and one Dalek. end script count: around 200 employees.
1.07: Suki, the Jagrafess and Simon Pegg (the Editor)
1.08: old man, hobo, housewife, half the wedding guests, a schoolyard of children and a nanny minus Mickey, the father of the groom, one of the wedding guests, two pedestrians, a car full of people, a baby, a bikerider, a little girl, the Doctor, the TARDIS,…which is all null and void when Pete sacrifices himself.
1.09: Jamie. Although he was technically killed before they got there. But no one really dies; they just get infected and just "sit there"
1.10: everyone comes back; including Jamie
1.11: Mr. Cleever
1.12: Fitch, Broff, Colleen, black chick in Big Brother, Agrogax, Rose (although they were all technically transported…), Weirdo girl
1.13: one Dalek, the hundred or so people on floor 000, girl volunteer fighter, cute couple, Lynda, Jack, over half a million Daleks, the 9th Doctor

Xmas Special 1-2: some mall shoppers, civilian scientist, army major, a ship full of aliens

Series 2

2.01: Chip, matron cat, a patient, Cassandra
2.02: groundskeeper, the captain, Sir Robert, the werewolf
2.03: young orphan girl, the faculty, 13 alien faculty
2.04: clockrobots, Madame du Pompadour
2.05: inventor guys' assistant, 5 homeless, president of Great Britain, several party guests (count 7 by the noise)
2.06: a hundred or so party guests, Jackie, Ricky, Mr. Crane, thousands of people who got "upgraded", Mrs. Moore, millions of cybermen, Lumic
2.07: Magpie
2.08: Toby, Scooty, gunned man, 3 Ood, black chick
2.09: Mr. Jefferson, at least one Ood, all the ships' Oods (about 60)
2.10: Bliss, Bridgette, Mr. Skinner, Ursulla (sort of), Victor
2.11: no one really died
2.12: Gareth, Adeola, Matt, perhaps the anchorman for GhostWatch TV (he was being strangled…)
2.13: uncounted soldiers, uncounted cybermen, Roger, two more cybermen, three more people, Eivan, 4 cybermen, 2 more cybermen, about 50 cybermen and a dozen or so soldiers, hundreds of people around the city, more cybermen, millions of Daleks and cybermen going to "hell"

Xmas Special 2-3: Lance, all the Ragnoss' children (unknown in number), Emperoress of the Ragnoss

Series 3

3.01: Mr. Stoker, random patient who attacked a Jadoone, "Mrs. Finnigan"
3.02: suitor who was trying to seduce a witch2, Master of the Revels, innkeeper, three Carienites
3.03: farmer couple painting-looking couple, black cat and two albino girls, the Face of Bo
3.04: foreman, the Italian looking ex-foreman guy
3.05: Solomon, 1000 people used as shells, about a dozen pig slaves, human-dalek Sec, the hybrid-human Daleks, all of the Cult of Skarro minus Khan.
3.06: the wife, sarcastic olive comment girl, Lazarus
3.07: Abby, Corwin, Irena, Ashton, Katherine
3.08: Banes, Mr. Clark, girl with the red balloon, Jenny, veteran at the door, townsperson
3.09: Mr. Phillips, headmaster
3.10: no one dies. Cathy gets transported to 1920 and Billy gets transported to 1969 (..ok, so they both die, but they both die of old age and aren't killed)
3.11: Shane, Chen Tho
3.12: 14 cabinet members, journalist, the president, 1/10 of the world's population
3.13: the young child from the end of the universe, the pediatrician. All this gets reversed in the end when the show pulls a Superman and reverses the spin of the Earth to go back a year

Xmas Special 3-4: both of the ships' "guards", two thousand ship mates from the collision, the "mechanic" of the angels, the captain, six kitchen staff, about 40 more passengers, Marvin, Bannakaffalatta, Foon, Max, Astrid

Series 4

4.01: Stacey, two guards, Mrs. Foster
4.02: the seer, 20,000 people
4.03: Mr. Barttle, Ood Delta 50, rabid Ood, 3 soldiers, 4 of the potential buyers, Selena, half a dozen soldiers, about a dozen Ood, the mad military commander guy, another soldier, scientist guy, the boss
4.04: girl journalist
4.05: 5 soldiers (including Ross), counted 30 fallen soldiers but unsure on accuracy(also, those 30 counted were just screenshot kills; none from the about 100 laser bullets fired from Sontaren), 28 fallen Sontaren, one definitely dead Sontaren, Luke, a ship full of Sontarens
4.06: two soldiers, good Hath that followed Martha
4.07: Professor Peach3, Chandra, Roger, Vespa creature
4.08: Ms. Evangelista, Proper Dave
4.09: Other Dave, River(kinda technically)
4.10: Skye, hostess
4.11: hundreds of people from the Araknoss' ship, the Doctor, 1999 people from Royal Hospital (including Martha and Sarah Jane), the Queen and servants at Buckingham Palace, all the passengers of the Titanic when it crashed, millions of people throughout London, 60 million Americans dead via Adipose, Cap'n Jack, Gwen, Ianto, uncounted number because of ATMos, Italian family and uncounted non-British people, turn-right-Donna….all negated when Donna turns left at the end (well, all except turn-right-Donna. She really died).
4.12: unknown hundreds killed from Dalek ships, at least one pedestrian hit by a cross fire behind Rose, at least millions killed by a smaller swarm of Dalek ships falling on New York, most of the UNIT soldiers and personel in NY, Martha's boss and latch-key soldier, resilient father and his wife and child, Harriet Jones, millions all throughout London — enough to turn it into a ghost town
4.13: Jack (…kinda), 20 or so people vaporized by "reality bomb", billions of Daleks, creator of the Daleks, Dalek Khan


(these are all the episodes aired between Christmas 2008 and Christmas 2009. These episodes will be labeled by name other than number)

S1: The Next Doctor: 2 cybermen, 20 or so men around the reverend's grave, brain-showy cyberman, at least hundreds of humans stepped on by the Cyber King, hundreds more from Cyber King's blasts, Ms. Hartigan and thousands of cybermen.
S2: Planet of the Dead: bus driver, both of the fly aliens, three sting ray aliens
S3: The Waters of Mars: Andrew, Margaret, Tarak, Steffi, Roman, Ed, Adelaine
S4: End of Time, Part I: Mrs. Saxxon, the two followers, one nurse, two diner cart owners, scruffy guy and Ginger
S5: End of Time, Part II: woman Timelord, Timelord council, the 10th Doctor

Series 5

5.01: no one
5.02: no one
5.03: twelve aircraft, 2 soldiers, 3 "inferior" daleks, Jubilee, another fighter ject (didn't catch the name)
5.04: people on the ship when it crashed (there were at least four), Angelo, Christian, Bob
5.05: Pedro, Marco, Crispin, Philip, Father Octavian, hundreds of angels sucked through the crack in time
5.06: young girl in the alley (Rory said she'd be OK, but they just left her there), Isabella, Isabella's father, at least a dozen "vampires", Rosanna
5.07: A dozen school children, an unfortunate bicyclist, Rory2, Amy2, the Doctor2, the TARDIS
5.08: no one
5.09: Alaya, Malikay, Ruztec, Rory
5.10: A young girl, Grafaiis
5.11: College guy, hooker, young girl, older woman
5.12: Amy (…sorta)
5.13: well a couple people do die and then come back…so essentially…… no one

X-mas Special 5-6: No one

Series 6

6.01: the Doctor (future), Joy
6.02: At least a dozen Silence
6.03: A shipman with a black spot, the black pirate, the leech-bitten pirate, Mulligan, Toby (and I'm sure the other pirate that was betrayed. He just kinda….disappeared), Rory. But everyone is "saved" by the siren but they have to be under the siren's care ('cept Rory) in order to live so… one essentially.
6.04: young girl who turns into the TARDIS, Auntie, Uncle, the sentient voice of the asteroid-planet thingy.
6.05: Buzzer doppelganger2
6.06: Jennifer's doppelganger, Jennifer, Buzzer, Dicken, Miranda doppelganger, 11th Doctor doppelganger, Jennifer monster flesh
6.07: The fat one, a headless monk, 5 soldiers, one (or two) of the lizard-like alien(s), Dorien, half a dozen headless monks, Sontaren "nurse", Melody flesh, Lorna
6.08: A shrunken S.S. officer, Melody (before River), a bunch of people in Robot Amy, the 11th Doctor (again)
6.09: No one.
6.10: five robot hand soldiers, +/- a dozen robot hands, Amy+36yrs, 4 mos. & some-odd days
6.11: Lucy Harwood, Joe, Howie, Rita
6.12: Shona, George
6.13: the weird Shakespearean-witch-looking chess-playing alien, 3 soldiers, young girl, about 20 more soldiers, Madame Kovarian, 3 Silence, 1 soldier. 11th Doctor robot-operated4

X-mas Special 6-7: No one5

Series 7

7.01: 10-20 daleks, thousands of daleks on the asylum planet
7.02: Triceratops, (technically) the awesome robot duo6, Solomon
7.03: Kahler-Mas, Isaac
7.04: No one
7.05: Rory Williams (old), Rory Williams (young), Amy Pond7

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