Doctor Who modern episode guide part 1: Rose (SE1 EP1)

Series 1 Episode 1
First broadcast: 26th March 2005
Starring: Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper
Guest Starring: Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri, Mark Benton, Elli Garnet, Adam McCoy, Alan Ruscoe, Paul Kasey, David Sant, Elizabeth Fost, Helen Otway, Nicholas Briggs, Jo Osmond, Lisa Osmond

Rose was a pretty odd way to boot up Doctor Who again. But, we wouldn't want it any other way. We start by meeting Rose Tyler, an average 19 year old girl who works in a shop, and her mum Jackie Tyler, who seems to have the main priority of protecting and helping Rose wherever she can. And then we have the cowardly Mickey Smith, Rose's boyfriend, who soon gets in a tizz and gets eaten by a bin then turned into living plastic. He comes back though, of course. At first, Rose is trapped in the shop in some sort of warehouse and blurts out the usual things a person would as the shop mannequins come to life and advance towards her. Just as she's about to be chopped, a man takes her hand, and before you know it, The Ninth Doctor is saying his first word: "Run". So they do. The Doctor introduces himself after pulling the arm off an auton (which is weird. He did it in the wrong order) and she legs it out after discovering an electrician guy called Wilson is dead (WILSONNNNN!) and The Doctor blows up her shop. The Doctor visits the Tyler's flat after Rose checks in with them and Mickey ends up with the shop dummy arm (They're called Autons) and Jackie tries to seduce him. Doesn't work. That stupid arm also tries to strangle them, but again: doesn't work. When he leaves, Rose and Mickey find a guy called Clive, who knows about The Doctor. After an ominous talk with him and after Mickey is eaten by the bin, Rose soon finds The Doctor again and he destroys the Auton Mickey. They take his head and stuff into the TARDIS (Rose sees the TARDIS) and discover the Nestene Consciousness' weakness: Anti Plastic. Oh and I think Clive dies somewhere along the line with a load of shoppers. Anyway, Rose thinks that the Nestene is hiding under the London Eye and coincidentally, he is. Rose finds the real Mickey and he's crapping himself. Then The Doctor drops the Anti Plastic onto Nestene and he dies, turning the Autons back into ordinary shop dummies again. Rose then chooses The Doctor over her normal life when he mentions that the TARDIS travels in time as well as space.

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