Doctor Who modern episode guide part 2: The End of the World (SE1 EP2)

Series 1 Episode 2
First broadcast: 2 April 2005
Starring: Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper
Guest Starring: Simon Paisley Day, Yasmin Bannerman, Jimmy Vee, Zoƫ Wanamaker, Camille Coduri, Beccy Armory, Sara Stewart, Silas Carson, Paul Kasey, Jo Osmond, Lisa Osmond, Alan Ruscoe

The Doctor takes Rose on her first trip in the year Five Billion onto Platform One to see the end of the world (Hence the episode name) and things don't go as they should really. The Doctor shows her a load of aliens in the station and Cassandra turns up with loads of other aliens. The Doctor meets Jabe and gives her a gift of air from his lungs (generous) while Rose mingles with an engineer called Raffalo, who soon is killed by Robot Spiders. Meanwhile, the suspicious Adherents of the Repeated Meme are giving everyone silver spheres. Literally, everyone, even The Steward. However, these spheres are actually robot spiders and somehow they managed to mess with the sun filters so they burn people alive. The Steward is soon killed because of this. Eventually, the guests on Platform One get a bit suspicious of the spheres and The Doctor uncovers the Adherents are actually robots controlled by Cassandra, who hijacked the ship to get compensation so she could continue having operations on her strange skin frame thingy. The ship starts blowing up and Rose is trapped in a room. People will burn if someone doesn't do something, so Jabe sacrifices herself to repair the ship and save everyone. Cassandra tries to escape but The Doctor beams her back and her skin frame dries up and explodes from lack of moisturiser. Then The Doctor and Rose leave.

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