Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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I never really understood this whole rule about "don't ask, don't tell" in the U.S. military. Even after doing brief research into it, I still don't understand. I consider myself a little gay (I suppose the correct terminology would be "bisexual" but let's not add labels to things) and I have a great respect for people who are openly gay.

Hence, I don't see the point in rules such as this one. Perhaps I don't know enough about it. And perhaps it's just as trivial as it seems.

Either way, I wrote this story. I don't know exactly where it's headed because, at this moment in time, I am still working on it. But we shall see.

Table of Contents

The Rehearsal

Christian awoke the next morning to see Landon laying peacefully beside him. His heart leaped into his throat as he softly raised his hand to brush away the wisps of Landon's hair from his forehead. The action stirred the sleeping man and his green eyes fluttered open to look at his best friend. A tired smile spread across his kissable lips as he adjusted his position to a more comfortable one.

"How did you sleep?" Christian asked, unable to keep the contagious smile from his mouth.

"Good," Landon replied just before he yawned. He tore his eyes away from Christian to glance over at the clock on the bedside table. He jumped in surprise. "Oh, shit! We're gonna be late!"

Christian chuckled to himself as he watched Landon springboard from the bed and grab his clothes that littered the small apartment floor. He quickly threw on his boxers and khakis before reaching for his polo shirt. Landon frantically flew around the room as Christian lay back, admiring him.

After Landon finished getting dressed, he shot an annoyed look at Christian. "Why didn't you wake me up?"

Christian shrugged, "I only just woke up. And in my defense, you looked adorable sleeping."

Landon fought to hide his the blush on his cheeks as he rolled his eyes.

"You realized we're going to be late." He reminded his boyfriend. "And why aren't you even ready?"

"You're such a wife." Christian groaned playfully as he shoved the blankets off himself and lazily began to remove himself from the bed. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Landon sneaking a peek at his naked form. Christian smirked. "Interested in having another go, are we?" His initial response came in the form of a shirt being thrown at his face.

"Bridgette is going to kill both of us if we don't show up soon. You know how brides get before the wedding."

Christian smiled as he slid the shirt over his head. "I'm starting to get the basic idea from you. Besides, you can relax. The wedding isn't for another day and a half — this is only the rehearsal."

"Yeah. To my sister's wedding." Landon reminded him. "Dress rehearsals are essential to the wedding process. It's supposed to lay out the framework for the actual day. So if we show up late, Bridgette's gonna be convinced that we'll do that for her wedding and she's going to murder me."

Christian pulled his pants up in one swift motion and began buttoning them as he walked towards his lover. "If she freaks out on us, I'll kindly tell her that she needs to relax and do what we did most of last night."

Landon stared. "You're going to tell an overstressed bride two days before her wedding that she just needs to get laid?"

Christian smiled. "I'd tell her nicely."

Landon groaned and tossed Christian's jacket at him. "I think we should just skip that part. No telling whether she might go Ozzy Osbourne on us."

"And make a crappy family reality TV show?"

"And bite heads off birds." Landon corrected.

As soon as Christian's car drove up to the courtyard where the rehearsal was taking place. Landon knew something was wrong. He could feel it in the air. He cautiously removed himself from the car and looked around. The rehearsal was supposed to start an hour beforehand and yet there were people standing awkwardly around. Christian crossed the front of his car to stand next to Landon.

"Some thing's not right." Landon muttered.

"How can you tell?" Christian surveyed the area. "Looks pretty nice to me."

"Yeah, except everyone's just standing around and my mother's running towards me looking like a frantic chicken." Christian subdued a laugh that came in the choked form of a snort. Landon quickly elbowed him in the side before smiling at his mom.

"Oh god, oh god…" Valerie looked an absolute wreck. "We haven't found the rings — Shaun lost them this morning. The priest was late, a rabid dog was running through here and knocked over half the chairs and now your sister's missing."

"Mom, mom. It's OK." Landon planted a reassuring smile on his lips as he put his hands on both of her shoulders. He looked into her eyes, holding her concentration and took a deep breath. His mother followed suit. "It's gonna be OK. Did you get the chairs back up?"

"Yes, but —"

"And the dog was removed?"

"It's stupid owner came and —"

"And the priest arrived?"

"Eventually he did but —"

"What about the rings?"

"Charles is helping Shaun find them."

"Well that's what best men are for, mom." Landon smiled. "So go get ready and try to get everyone gathered."

"What about your sister?"

"I'm gonna go look for Bridgette. You just worry about getting everyone prepared. I'll handle everything else." Trying to ward off tears of stress, Valerie gave her son a shaky smile and nodded her head.

"Thank you," she mouthed before kissing his cheek and heading off to complete her task.

Christian stared in amazement at his boyfriend. "How do you always manage to fix things?"

Landon smiled sheepishly and shrugged. "I guess I just have that gift."

"Well let me just say that you, my dear Landon Kurshaw, are brilliant." Christian placed a soft and minute kiss on his boyfriend's lips. "I'm gonna go help your mom before she slaps someone. You go look for your sister and work your magic with her." Landon smiled and nodded.

"You're the best."

Christian's eyes sparkled as he smiled. "So I've been told." Landon laughed and stole a kiss from him before heading off away from the rehearsal guests.

Landon found his sister exactly where he thought he would: hiding as far away as possible from the crowd, sheltered by a large oak and smoking a cigarette. Mascara trailed her cheeks, marking her frustrated tears. As soon as he saw her younger brother, she broke down again.

"It's a disaster, Landon. And it's not even my wedding day yet."

"That's good though, right? I mean, you want everything to go wrong on the rehearsal so it can go perfect on the big day." Bridgette managed a small smile at her brother but it was almost immediately taken away by another bridal stress.

"But if it doesn't go perfectly today, how will anyone know how to do it right at my real wedding?" Landon thought back on his thoughts of earlier that day and realized all he had said to his boyfriend was just spat back at him from his sister; and he was defending from Christian's side.

Landon smiled softly at his sister. "People learn from their mistakes, Bridg." Bridgette nodded her head but obviously Landon's words weren't helping her panic attack because her tears were still flowing. Her hand shaking, Bridgette raised the cigarette to her lips and took a deep drag.

Landon walked up to his sister and took the cigarette away from her. She glared up at him accusingly but otherwise didn't protest. "You can do this, Bridgette. I know you're stressed out from all the planning, but that's why you have me. You just have to breathe deep and let everyone else worry about the else, OK?"

A genuine smile danced across Bridgette's lips and she nodded. "Sounds good." She took a deep breath and carefully wiped the mascara streaked tears off her face. "Can I have my cigarette back now?"

Landon smiled and raised the Camel to his lips, taking a drag before handing it back to the stressed bride-to-be. Bridgette stuck her tongue out at her brother like she used to do when they we were little. "Bastard," she laughed. Landon laughed with her and after after a final drag, the Camel was tossed to the ground and the bother and sister walked arm and arm back towards the rehearsal.

It was ten o' clock that night and the dress rehearsal was beginning to die down. Most of the sampler buffet was gone as well as several bottles of champagne and a dozen or so beers. Everyone was having a good time and Bridgette seemed elated. She and her future husband Shaun were on the dance floor doing a slightly inebriated dance to Bette Midler's "Going to the Chapel". Landon stood twenty feet back, leaning up against the side of the park gazebo. He was happily watching his sister and Shaun and didn't notice someone had approached him.

Christian handed over an unopened bottle of Guinness. "Want some? I think you deserve it."

Landon smiled at his boyfriend and shook his head. "Nah, I'm good. Thanks, though."

"Suit yourself," Christian replied nonchalantly as he cracked open the bottle and sat down on the gazebo steps. He joined his boyfriend in watching the happy couple dance the night away. Landon sat down next to his boyfriend and the two of them sat in silence for several minutes before Christian's eyes fell fell on Landon."

"Mind if I ask you something?"

Landon glanced down at Christian, noticing his deep blue eyes staring up at him. "Sure."

"Do you ever want to get married?"

Landon felt a jolt race across his heart. Trying to hide his initial reaction of shock, he joked: "Well, well, well. Is Christian attempting to propose to me?"

Christian looked over at the horizon of the park and shrugged as he raised the amber bottle to his lips. "Maybe." Landon's smile faded but it wasn't a reaction of fear; just one of natural shock. "Of course, I'm not proposing this very minute. The atmosphere's all wrong. But I'm just curious."

Landon shrugged noncommittally and moved to sit next to Christian on the steps. "Well, I don't really know. I mean, it's kind of an impossible dream, isn't it? What with us being gay." After several moments of silence, Landon sighed and lowered his eyes in sadness. He fell against his boyfriend, his head resting on Christian's shoulder.

"I'd still do it." Landon admitted after the two of them sat in silence for several minutes. Christian pulled away and stared at his boyfriend in shock.


"I do love you." Landon replied. He shrugged. "I want what every straight girl wants when they're in love."

Christian chuckled and pulled Landon closer. he kissed him on the forehead. "I love you, Kurshaw."

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