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This is a story truly unique from the rest of the stories we have posted on this site before. It relates to us as main characters, but it is also an extension of us.


This story takes place roughly ten years in the future, where we are all out of school and have moved on to form relationships and even families of our own. This is more of a story about us and our children.

To keep this kind of simpler, no one will have more than one or two children apiece. I know, realistically, some of us might end up having more but we need to keep this simple. lol.

Here is a link to the character page for those in the story: All of Our Children

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"Mary Jane, can you please go get your brother?"

With the water running from the faucet, Ali was busy washing dishes. Her oldest, a young girl of six named Mary Jane, was standing in the doorway. She did not look happy. An old Game Boy Advance was hanging in her hand and Ali recognized the Pokemon music coming from the twenty year old hand-held game console.

"Why do I have to do it?" Mary Jane asked defiantly. Ali sighed in disgust and rolled her eyes.

"Because I'm your mother and I asked you to. Now if you don't want that game taken away from you for the next two weeks, you will do what I ask." M.J. stomped out of the kitchen and through the back door to the play set she and her brother shared out back. Ali's son, Peter, was four years old and loved to climb things. He was always trying to climb trees, jungle gyms and anything he could manage. Ali always thought he got that trait from his father because she'd been a bit adventurous as a kid, but she'd always been queasy with heights.

Ali finally finished up the dishes in the sink and was wiping her hands off when she realized she hadn't heard Peter or Mary Jane come back inside. Growing worried, she went to the backdoor to see her daughter looking around the backyard and yelling her brother's name.

"Peter! PETER! C'mon, Peter, this isn't funny! Where are you hiding?"

"Is everything alright?" Ali asked from the doorway.

"Mum, I can't find Peter. He must have gotten stuck in a tree again!"

Ali's heart skipped a beat in worry but she tried to calm her fear. Peter had a knack of running off and hiding but they lived in a safe neighborhood and he was a smart kid; he would come back on his own.

Ali was just about to tell Mary Jane to come back inside when she heard the phone ring from the other room. As soon as she answered it, she heard a scratchy voice on the other line. "I have your little Peter," it said. "If you want him back safely you will have to pay us…uhm…..twenty seven million dollars! Or..just get us some fruit snacks. You know, the shark ones. Or, ooh! Maybe the dinosaur ones!"

Ali, instead of being scared by a strange voice telling her her son had been kidnapped, she instead was annoyed. "Jen," she said angrily. "Why did you take Peter?"


"He's four!" Ali shouted back.

"THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT ON EVIL!!!!" And, with that, Jen hung up.

"AGHHHHH!" Ali screamed through a clenched jaw. "That stupid little…" Taking a deep breath, Ali shut off the phone, brushed off the front of her shirt and then walked to the backdoor. She saw Mary Jane swinging on the swingset in the backyard. "M.J., do you wanna take a ride to go see Cruella and D.V.?"

"YEAH!" Mary Jane shouted and jumped from the swing. She sped towards the house and Ali preemptively opened the door to let her daughter rush inside (otherwise M.J. would have run straight into the door. She got her clumsiness from her mother). Ali heard the rushing pitter-patter of her daughter's feet running through up the stairs to her room to look for her sweatshirt before rushing back down again. By the time she was done, Ali was already waiting for her at the front door to head to her vehicle.


(By Jen)

As Ali's car sputtered along the dusty back roads that lead to Jen's abode, she felt she already knew what to expect. Jen, the long conspirator of evil since she met her back in middle school, had often talked about stealing her kids and teaching them to be evil. This was the first time Jen had actually managed it however, and Ali hoped it to be the last. To make this fact certain, she'd brought along a frying pan to beat Jen over the head with, in the hopes that Jen would learn to not steal Ali's kids.

Seeing as Ali's kids had survived their baby years without getting kidnapped by Jen, Ali was almost surprised it had finally happened. She reflected with a frown that once she'd had her first kid until even know, every night she locks their doors and windows and checks all the cabinets and closets for Jen in the event that she would in fact steal her kids. Ali had to wonder why it had taken so long for Jen to follow up on her threats of kidnap. Perhaps her kids were not the first she's kidnapped? Has Jen been kidnapping other people's kids?? Despite herself, Ali felt a tinge of jealousy at this thought.

As M.J. bounced about in her seat next to Ali, Ali shrugged the thought off. Ali's kids were too darn cute to not want to kidnap..Jen wouldn't steal someone else's kids first….


Jen picked the four year old up by the leg and Peter giggled at his new upside down world. Jen pondered him, trying to decide what this kids evil potential is. "At least" Jen thought, "unlike Nate's kids I can actually get ahold of him.." Jen cringed at the memory of trying to steal Nate's kids, who were so dodgy she managed to fall flat on her face trying to grapple them more times in one day then she'd ever fallen on her face before. She learned afterwards that Nate had witnessed the whole scene and now won't allow her to live the painful memory down. Jen looked at the giggling Peter. "Could I turn you against Nate's kids? Like, a BABY war?" Jen grinned evilly at this thought.

Either way, Jen knew that Ali would find her soon enough, so she had better get to work. She reached into the fridge and gave him an apple soda and began teaching him sexist jokes and the best way to go about kicking a puppy. When Ali burst through the door seconds later, Peter was chewing tobacco and swearing like a sailor while he stomped on some fluffy stuffed animals. (The image was rather cute, actually, but the enraged look on Ali's face sort of took away from all of that….)

"JEN!!!" In Ali's fit of rage she could only force one word out, and Jen could clearly visualize fire coming out of Ali's nostrils.

"What?" Jen replied relaxedly.


Jen looked at Peter, who had heard Ali's rather colorful swear and was now repeating it over and over.. "&%$#, &%$#, &%$#!"
"Well, we were about to color.." she held up a coloring book of dinosaurs and some crayons.

Ali's eyes did not get any less red with rage.

"For science?" Jen whimpered, as Ali desended upon her with frying pan held high…..


Jen grummbled as she picked up her now trashed kitchen. She knew better than to mess with a mother and it's ducklings (that being Ali and Peter of course) but she just couldn't help herself.

Unfortunetly for all parties involved, when Ali began beating a rather surprised Jen with a frying pan, Jen had fallen into her secret stash of explosives which charred everyone present with a barrage of fire.

Ali had taken her kids and left, and now Jen was scrubbing the floor in an attempt to get the charcoal off. It was good that John had taken the kids with him on a business trip to Guam, or else she might be in trouble for having explosives in the house…or worse yet, he'd laugh at her for getting beaten up by Ali….

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