Evil People In History
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Lizzie Bordon

Lizzie Bordon took an axe
and gave her mother forty whacks,
and when she saw what she had done
she gave her father forty-one.

A story never solved..did Lizzie really kill both of her parents?

As the story goes, her sister Emma and her Uncle (who was visiting at the time) were both away from the house. It was just Lizzie, her dad and step mother, and the maid at home. While the maid was on the third floor taking a nap, she awoke to find Lizzie telling her that her father was dead. Not long after, the body of her step mother was also found upstairs. How Lizzie and the maid did not hear the murders occur is confusing…but nevertheless…

There had been much argueing in the family and also a rather similair axe murder had occured in the area not long before, but at the time of this incident this axe murderer was out of the country. Against Lizzie was the evidence that she tried to buy Prussic Acid (aka Hydrogen cyanide) the day before the murders but was denied. This evidence however was ultimatly and strangely dismissed.

Lizzie was not found guilty and died in 1927 of pnemonia, and her estranged sister Emma died 9 days later after a bad fall.

The house where the murder occured is now Bed and Breakfast in Massachussetts, and the couch where the body of her father was found still remains there. They even have a black cat there. (Not that it's important to the history of the place, but as thier webpage says, every haunted house needs a black cat.) http://www.lizzie-borden.com/


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