Experimental Stories

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As an avid writer, I'm always looking to experiment with different areas of creativity and variation in story writing. If you do he same thing over and over, it gets lame, right? So this is a page for those stories. :)

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How Dare You

This was an experiment in my Fiction Writing (ENG307) class where you write a story where cause and effect are backwards, but historical time is moving forward in a natural progression. This is my sample.

Young Mira stormed off, angry at her boyfriend and fuming. The people around them in the restaurant stared open-mouthed at the couple. Billy got up and chased after Mira before she could leave. She pulled her hand away and was about to retaliate when a woman in a dark blue slinky dress with her cleavage hanging out walked by. She lifted her heavily mascaraed lashes up ever-so-slightly to stare suggestively into Billy's eyes. At the look, Billy became entranced as the woman passed, gazing back at her as she walked by.

Mira turned and went back to the table.

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