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Tridan was the evil sorcerer of the land. He liked to create clever plots where people who wandered into his land fell to some horrible demise or seriously injure themselves. He became so out of control with his plots that the Overseers of the Lands called in a lawful good sorceress to straighten him out.

One day when the sun was shining on Tridan's lands, blessing them with their warmth, Tridan came out of his dark cave and put a spell on the sun. The star instantly shrank behind the hills and could not rise again.

Sharise, the sorceress, happened to find Tridan as he stood on the mountaintops, laughing gleefully at what he had done. He was so caught up with his joke on the world that he didn't notice the sorceress' presence until it was all too late.

Calling on the powers of the Earth and Nature, Sharise asked her deity to grant her the power to change Tridan. His body began to shrink, his dark elegant robes falling away from his body. He lay on the ground, having been transformed into a salamander.

Angrily, his eyes whipped around to see what being had dared change his form. His eyes fell on Sharise and he began to call out with his demon tongue to the Dark Powers to place a curse on the fine sorceress. Because of his condition, however, his words only came out as mere slithers.

"What have you done?" He barked to the sorceress.

"You are unable to use your magic to get out of this," Sharise explained. "Your powers have been suspended. You will still be able to talk, but your Dark Language will no longer work in your new form."

"What gives you the power to do this to me?" The salamander demanded angrily.

"The Overseers have seen you squander the gift you were given on petty cruelty. They sent me here to teach you a lesson about harming others. Until you find your path and are able to aid others, only then will the spell be lifted." With that, Sharise turned and left the amphibian to fend for himself.


Decades past and Tridan still had not found a way to bipass the spell that was laid on him.

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