Fairy Tales Old And New
A tale in the town of Grimm

(by Jen)1

Once upon a time in the small and quiet town of Grimm, there lived three plump men. The oldest was named Piggy, the middle was named Hamlet, and the youngest was named Porker, and they were ready to start their lives and move out of mommy's house.

First they built their houses. Piggy built his out of chocolate, Hamlet made his out of rock candy, and wise Porker made his house out of gingerbread.

However, not long after they moved in, they were repeatedly harassed by a door-to-door salesmen named Wolfson who was selling apples. Piggy, Hamlet and Porker became fed up and left town, but not after throwing Wolfson's apples at him.

Years passed, and the fallen apples became trees and the area became wooded.

One day, a not-so-wicked witch named Goldie Broomhilda came to the town to find a home. The chocolate house that Piggy left was much to hot, and melted. The rock candy house was much too cold and hard, but Porker's gingerbread house was juuuuust riiiight.

About a week later, a bear escaped from the circus wearing a red ridinghood got lost in the woods following a trail of breadcrumbs and came upon the gingerbread house, which he immidiatly began knawing on. The witch got mad, and fed him a poisoned apple, and the bear fell into a tragic slumber. However, a beautiful princess she-bear found him and gave him a kiss, and when he awoke they got married and all lived happily ever after.

The end.

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