Fans Dedication Page

Seeing as how we have some fans who have not joined this site, I feel we should honor them. Specifically one person. OK, so it is really only the one person. And if you understand why this person is so special, you will know why there is a whole page dedicated to them.

There is one person who has been with these stories from the beginning; even though she never wrote in them. She indulged four of her crazy eighth grade students by reading their creations….and soon found a kinship with the all-too-cute Chicken Nugget in a Trench Coat (a.k.a. CNIATC). And although it has been about eight years since these stories were first created and introduced to her arguably against her will, she is still a fan. Even though Jen and myself1 had to track her down and tell her of this site, she once again was sweet enough to appease us in checking it out.

This whole page is dedicated to that one person: Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep was always there for us when we needed her and………………………oh, wait. [embarrassed] Sorry. I messed up my notes. Sorry! Sorry, everybody!!


This page is dedicated to Karen Morgan2. Ms. Karen Morgan has been with us from the beginning and, even when people laughed at us; even when people scoffed at the idea of such insanity in pages; even when John made complaint after complaint about our story having no plot and thus was unreadable…the English teacher of Gray-New Gloucester Middle School never gave up hope. She always cheered us on, and she continues to do so. She proudly declares her fandom for our crazy little stories and, for that, we are all more appreciative than we can ever express.

Thank you very much, Ms. Morgan. We are proud to have such a wonderful person as a fan. <3

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