Alive at Arkham


This poem was written with H.P. Lovecraft's "Call of Cthulhu" in mind, and directly relates to the graphic novel "Fall of Cthulhu - The Gray Man". In honor of having read such a fine work, I present you with this poem.

Alive at Arkham (Parts I, II, and III)

By IMSans

Based on and Dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulhu”

Into the darkness I must stride
Hidden things I must go find
This old boarding house which contains
What lay left of his remains
He who is valiant in spirit
Would turn away and fear it
She who is of cunning tongue
Should turn direction and forth run
From this boarding house which contains
Old Arkham’s history wrapped in chains
Roswell, Atlantis and the great beyond
All of which I’m quite fond
To know any secret I ever
Dreamed of I must pay her
Parts of me, material or ethereal
She feeds curiosity with her meal
Made out of what makes me
Who I am, why I’m free
The Harlot watches me walk by
Never again seeing eye to eye
I traded my cherished memory of
My dearest wife whom I love
What I seek is within here
Already losing what I hold dear
The undead, the nonliving, the demonic
This old house which they frolic
Is the grounds of finding that
What will save Arkham in fact
I only hope I’m not late
Cthulhu’s rise is now our fate.

The dusty doors creak and whine
As I’m running out of time
To find what I’m looking for
To stop them at death’s door
“They will not harm anything under
my protection,” I yell and thunder
Into the house filled with darkness
The basement is my first guess
My flashlight poorly illuminates the ground
I stumble onto what I’ve found
An electric battery and accompanied jar
Jumping back at what saw far
A pair of eyes and brain
A man living quite in vain
A pang of sorrow, moving on
To what I hope isn’t gone
At last! An ancient gold knife
With ruby eyes full with life
A ghastly sound whips me around
To something frightening, though lacking noun
This stone bat of envenomed fang
Leaps forth after the ringing bang
Shot from my automatic .38
But not yet dodging my fate
I quickly leave, it’s following me
I head where he wouldn’t be
Upstairs to the left are many
Doors to gamble which if any
Would be safe from this creature
With haunting and scarring memorable features

Visages of the beyond no longer
Haunt these halls, I was stronger
And rose to challenge my fate
Though living after this hour late
It fled leaving me to leave
Through locked windows that I cleave
With the stolen knife I found
Hoping to seal it to ground
I left hastily from the house
Its nightmares, flames impossible to douse
Arkham has reawakened in deathly fury
Blinded by light in snowy flurry
I drive to a predestined spot
In this simple abandoned parking lot
Abyss swallowing my Lincoln’s headlights whole
Old Gods wanting what I stole
I’m surrounded in a ringed court
Of symbols marked myself with quartz
It keeps the dark at bay
Until the shining light of day
When the knife erupts in light
No longer a need to fight
Zombies, Ghasts, the Ghouls and Dead
Only live but in my head
As insane visions keeping me awake
Arkham’s safe, but I still quake
I stole from death itself, although
Losing the only love I know
The Harlot’s Price I must’ve paid
Lost in the deal we made.

Forever loving you, whoever you are
Raymond Dirk, your bright shining star.

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