Beyond Brawl

Fan-Fiction Author: IMSans

This is a fan-fiction, dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. All characters used in this fan-fiction belong to their respective owners and games.

Chapter One

1.1 - Mario - The Coffee Shop

"What'sa wrong, bro? Why'a so down in the dumps?"

The scene was a coffee-shop in Brooklyn near their place of residence. Mario and his brother, Luigi were in after hours after a quick flood job fixing a leaky valve, and was sipping down their payment. The small and plump mustached man was staring into the depths of his espresso.

"It'sa been two years since the tournament, Luigi," Mario adjusted his cap, staring deeper into his cup, "And I haven't heard a'thing from the others."

Luigi scratched the back of his head, "Well, King Koopa's been strangely staying out of'a trouble, and the Princess is'a still in Hyrule."

Mario shook his head, "That's not what I meant…"

The two shared a long exchange of silence. Luigi stared almost blankly into space, whether or not he was remembering times of old was an entirely different matter. Mario glanced up for a moment and pounded his fist onto the table.

"I want to fight, Luigi! I want to fight once a'more!" He exclaimed, closing his eyes with such force he was forcing tears, "Our lives were nothing before and they're nothing now! We rescued Princess Peach many'a times, saved the Mushroom Kingdom, and fought in the grandest of all tournaments the world'a knows! Why, my brother, are we here still fixing'a pipes and cleaning the drains? We're better than this, Luigi!"

Mario finally dropped his head and stiffled a sob into his arm. Luigi frowned and put a hand on his brother's shoulder, trying to approach him sympathetically. "Maybe," Luigi began, "Maybe if we just watch'a TV…"

Luigi was thrown back against his seat as his arm was suddenly batted away, "This feeling, Luigi! It'a won't just go away!"

"But it'sa over… The tournament's been won! I'll never know how you felt'a, being defeated in the final round… but"

Something alien entered the conversation. It was ringing… a phone of some sort? Mario froze and looked around. Though the call originated from a normal telephone, something was strange about it. It seemed familiar… two quick rings…

Before Luigi could protest, Mario sprang across the shop, picking the phone up instantly… nothing but static at first…

"Mario, get to Hyrule immediately!"

That voice… there's no way… but why?

Luigi left the booth the brothers had been sitting at and approached his brother, but made no sound. Mario hung up the phone and stared at Luigi with great concern, "Luigi… do you know anyone by the name of'a Hal?"

As Luigi responded with a no, Mario took off his hat, brushing his fingers through his hair, "Pack your bags… a new Brawl is beginning and we're going."

"We have a life here, Mario! Forget about-"

"The Princess has been murdered, Luigi!" Mario fought back in tears… "Princess Peach was murdered… and we're entering to find out who!"

1.2 - Link - The Man in the Shadows

The castle of Hyrule had all it's banners removes, and replaced with black veiled tapestries in mourning of the late Princess Peach. Link was in the courtyard of the castle and was, for once, not being chased after by the palace guards. Given personal permission by Princess Zelda, he was hired as a temporary "mercenary" to guard her and the castle as well until the culprit was caught. It was the only excuse she could use to have him stay closer in this time of peril, but he was still not admitted within the palace walls.

"Don't do anything stupid." Those were the only words she was able to speak before being ushered into counsel with the ambassadors. Link stared at the ground and waited miserably for her appearance, but after the second hour, Link was waiting miserably for his sanity to return. This was ridiculous! A hero of the people desires better treatment than to be put on hold for an eternity.

A sudden bright flash of blue zipped through the air and swung around Link's head. The valiant kokiri smiled at the return of his fairy, "Any news on the murderer, Navi?"

"It's as if he vanished out of thin air! There's not even any tracks around the castle alien to Hyrule!" Navi fluttered around his head and settled on his right shoulder. Link put a hand to his chin in thought as a royal guard donning red armor approached him, overhearing the conversation.

Link looked to the guard with a bit of surprise, still not used to the idea of not being chased around by folk like him. When he spoke, he gave a great deal of criticism to the fairy's search, "Why would you rule out any tracks at all? Anything would be better than no lead at all."

Link pointed with a reasonable deduction, "No one but the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and us Hylians knew of Princess Peach coming to the castle. Sure, it was the talk of the townsfolk, but we would have recognized any hostile intent within our own borders… no, the person who did this was not from our lands."

The doors to the castle opened with a load creak as Princess Zelda stepped forth from the antechamber of the castle. Her movements as well as the world around him seemed slower as he basked in a momentary relief that nothing had happened to her during this incredible ordeal… She walked rather briskly to Link and the royal guard, with a pair of personal guards of her own on either side. Before he could say anything, Zelda tugged Link closer to whisper in his ear, causing Link to stumble at the quick reaction.

"The Princess was found with several burn marks as well as cuts. It could be from the shrapnel in the room, but she's an absolute mess. That certainly narrows our search, Link."

Link nodded and stood at attention as the princess formally addressed everyone around her, "As of this day forth, until the culprit has been found, code of conduct designation 'Brawl' has been reinstated and put into immediate effect until the murderer of Princess Peach has been put to justice."

Zelda looked to Link with great concern and spoke softly once again, "I'm sending you to find him, Link. Please be careful… with our security, it would only take a trained assassin to kill someone of royalty without getting caught."

"Just one thing doesn't make sense… Why would he do it in the first place?" Link frowned, worried that he was falsely accusing his suspicions. His eyes locked with Zelda's and nodded, "Don't worry. If Snake didn't kill her, I'll find out who did."

With a quick kiss before she was ushered away, Zelda gave Link a quick goodbye before taken under the full protection under the Palace Guard.

1.3 - Pokémon Trainer - A Wild Murderer is spotted!

"Squirtle! Water Gun, now!"

Amidst the fields outside southern Hyrule rested the creature-filled fields of Kanto, where a boy and his companion, a "Pokémon", fought against a much tougher breed of monster. The boy was attempting to capture it for his own, and was already down two Pokémon allies. Squirtle, a water-type Pokémon, was this boy's last hope of capturing the dreadful rock-wyrm, Onyx staring them down.

Squirtle inhaled deeply before yelling out in his own name while spraying Onyx down with a high-pressure water jet. The Onyx was hit directly in the chest, and this long battle was about to come to a close. Both Squirtle and Onyx were staggering back and forth from fatigue, which meant it was time for the young Pokémon trainer to act.

"Great job, Squirtle! Get back!" Withdrawing a small object from his waist, he readied an empty Pokéball and with all his might, threw it at the Onyx and crossed his fingers. The wild Pokémon vanished in an array of red light and became trapped inside the instrument, where it wrestled desperately to free itself. After several seconds, the ed light on the front of the instrument dimmed, signaling the beast's submission. As the Pokéball vanished, teleporting to the boy's storage unit, he shouted with enthusiasm, thrusting his hand into the air. Even Squirtle had enough energy in him to show a little joy.

Within moments, the Pokémon Trainer had a small spray bottle out and was treating Squirtle's wounds. A few moments of care passed before the young turtle spotted something out of the corner of his eye. With great demand for attention, it tugged on the trainer's sleeve and pointed at what it saw with great urgency. Confused, the trainer looked up to see among the various grasses and trees, something out of the ordinary: something that didn't belong in the wilderness without a reason. A large cardboard box. It had been overturned and had no contents, but there was evidence of footprints of where the box was placed originally. How it got here was completely unknown.

The Trainer's Pokédex finished updating his capture of Onyx and rang like a phone. He answered and began talking, his Squirtle missing and not understanding the majority of it. Within a few moments the call was finished and the trainer had put on Professor Oak's Pokémon Radio Station, which was broadcasting new information not regarding that which he desired to capture.

"We have just come into contact with our neighboring country, the northern land of Hyrule, where a mysterious murderer rumored to be identified as 'Solid Snake' has been spotted fleeing the country into the Kanto and Johto regions," came Professor Oak's once calming voice through the radio signal, "and we advice all trainers to stay indoors and tell your local police official any information you might know on where to find this fugitive of justice."

The Pokémon Trainer looked to his companion and smiled as Professor Oak spoke exactly what was on the trainer's mind, though he obviously didn't hear, "And by any circumstances should any trainer be looking for this man. Report all activity to your local police official, and be weary of any snake Pokémon in your area. We have no description of the man in question… Better safe than sorry."

"You up for it Squirtle?!" The trainer shouted excitedly as he shut his Pokédex. The turtle grinned and called its name in anticipation.

1.4 - Kirby - Brawl! The Halberd Defeated!

Flying on his warp-star through Mushroom Kingdom without a care in the world, Kirby watched the world below with an inquisitive stare. He watched the trees, buildings and people wisp by, making out only a few unique details. Something caught his interest during his flight through, though… a rather large red figure. Whatever it was, it looked tasty, but by the time he realized he saw it, it had vanished. He was hoping there was another one along the way.

A beam of light suddenly hissed at the air next to him, catching the hero of Dream Land by surprise. A large, familiar airship had come into view on the horizon, firing a primary laser cannon at his direction. Interested, Kirby naturally zipped toward the ship at full speed, zig-zaging on his star as he got closer. He was starting to notice that the deck of the Halberd was alight in flames, and a silhouette… no, two of them now… they were fighting a gruesome battle to the death. This was far beyond Kirby's expertise, but curiosity would always be the deciding factor in his choices.

Sure enough, he recognized one of the figures immediately: the owner and operator of the Halberd, Meta Knight. The swordsman was severely injured and fighting on his last leg, so to speak.

"It doesn't have to end this way!" came his opponent's voice. It was rasped and sounded desperate to avoid any further combat. The combatant wore heavy body armor… but otherworldly compared to that of Kirby's once-opponent. There was something familiar about that bandana that he wore…

Meta Knight griped the handle of his sword with two hands, and prepared for one final swing, and waited. The opponent knelt down and reached for his ear. He began muttering to himself, but it didn't take long before, with hesitation, the man pulled out a combat knife and stood at the ready. The two fighters were going to strike each other down in one final pass. As the two suddenly dove at each other, a sound of metal slicing through metal rang above the Halberd's engines, and Kirby was so far over the edge of his warp star in anticipation, he nearly fell off. The two passed each other and stood silently.

The man facing Meta Knight suddenly dropped his knife. As the knife hit the ground, Meta Knight collapsed. A white puff smoke filled the air as his body became rigid, and a yellow platform materialized under his feet. The opposing man turned and without pause, tapped the platform, releasing Meta Knight from his defeated entrapment. The swordsman and the challenger both entered the Halberd silently…

What did he mean… 'it doesn't have to end this way'? Kirby was still shivering with his own curiosity, any silently followed the pair inside… but before the first turn inside the ship, he was lost. Waddling around, he hoped to run into someone eventually, but the only thing he passed was a rather large box toward the entrance of the ship.

1.5 - Solid Snake - No Time For Espionage

A moment after Kirby passed, Snake appeared from under his box, tossing it aside. Meta Knight had gone ahead to eliminate a few threats that had made their way onto the Halberd, but now he and Snake were teammates from the result of that duel, they were in this together. Knowing Kirby was here set Snake's mind at ease: he and Meta Knight were acquaintances at the very least. In a tight spot, he was sure they'd be allies. Now… time to set his plan in motion.

Snake's Codec went off, causing the soldier to kneel down to intercept the transmission. It was his friend, Hal Emmerich, otherwise referred to as Otacon. He sounded alarmed, which didn't seem to out of the ordinary.

"Snake, I called Mario, like you said. They should be in the Mushroom Kingdom within the hour."

Snake gave a sigh of relief, "Good. It's about time their Kingdom got their true heroes back. Mario and Luigi will be able to find the guy who set me up."

"I still don't know why you can't just go after him, Snake. You've gone after tougher threats than this before."

"This man committed a murder on a royal scale, Otacon…" Snake replied back, "With what the evidence says, I doubt their people will listen to me."

"The Colonel called, by the way. Where you are, it seems I'm the only signal you can get now," Otacon stated matter-of-factly, "You'll have to re-enter the Hylian Kingdom if you need to communicate with the others."

Snake looked behind him, suspicious, "Did he say anything about the real killer?"

Otacon rose his tone of voice, making it sound like a warning, "Yes he did, Snake, and the Colonel advised me to tell you to lay low until Prince Marth gets involved. Once all the Kingdoms are at Brawl, it will be easier to move about undetected."

A shadowy black figure moved into the distance, instantly causing Snake to react by pulling out an AK-47 and shot sveral rounds into the figure. The figure melted away into violet-black orbs and sank into the skip's hull.

"What was that? Snake? Snake!"

Oh, right… Otacon… "Didn't mean to worry you… For once, I spotted the enemy before it spotted me. It's just as Meta Knight thought: There are dark copies of Mr. Game & Watch still roaming the ship. In large numbers, they can easily control the Halberd. One would figure to run background checks on crewmen when first starting a voyage."

"Snake, your gun! That weapon isn't silenced, it'll attract more of them!"

"Oh, right." With that, Snake set up an elaborate trap for any followers. He readied his combat knife, pulled out a small booklet and laid it out directly in the center of the hallway, just beyond his cardboard box. Sure enough, Otacon hypothesized right: a second patrol had come running. This one was more like Snake, being human in nature. Snake, surprised as he was, couldn't be seen from the guard's standpoint, thanks to the cheap camouflage he was using. The guard paced, and was inches from Snake before he saw the booklet.

Snake smiled as the guard couldn't resist. The booklet was a naughty magazine he had stolen on a previous mission, and with the guard helplessly staring into the pages of pictures and text, Snake was more than able to eliminate the threat. One quick stab after manifesting from the box, and the guard was done.

"You never get sick of that tactic, do you, Snake? …Indicators read you aren't the only three brawlers on that ship, Snake. Kirby, Meta Knight and another is on that ship. Stay alert!"

Snake grunted, "Would that explain why there are soldiers from my world on this boat too?"

Otacon blinked, "Could be… He's not from Brawl, I know that much…. yet he's strangely familiar. Wait a second, a fifth target entered the ship just a second ago too. It's Samus Aran!"

"Busy day…" Snake joked, "Alright. First thing's first. We need to regain control of the Halberd. Just tell me where to go, I'll go."

Chapter Two

2.1 - Zelda - The Heroes and The Messenger

"We must hold them back at all costs!" Shouted a Hylian guard to his close-by ally. The soldier fought and quickly fell under the combined might of the intruders, freezing in place and falling to the ground as a statue on a gold disc. The guards tried to reinforce themselves in numbers, barricading the doors to the main courtroom.

"For once," Zelda sighed, looking at the one door that separated the chambers from the fighting, then back at her guest, "I'm glad you're here…"

The tall, towering and grim smile of Ganondorf returned to her a gentle bow, "Understand this. So long as this kingdom is threatened, I will defend it. After all, it will be mine soon enough."

Zelda gave a nervous smile to lighten the mood, "At least I can trust you that far… let's save that conversation for another time."

The last of the guards fell and the two Hylians readied themselves for the intruders. As soon as the door moved an inch, Zelda was already using her magic, sending an explosive orb toward the walkway. Only seconds later recognizing the faces of the intruders, her magic detonated prematurely, scaring the living daylights out of Mario and Luigi. Ganondorf, however, did not recognize their faces and charged forward, withdrawing a sword from underneath his cape.

"Whoa!" Mario leaped back and yelled as shards from the door flew in every direction. Ganondorf's smile widened. The one in the red shirt had no clue how close he was to death, and he was busy looking the wrong way.

"Mario, it'sa behind you!"

"The green one! He spotted me? But how!" Ganondorf skidded to a halt and swung his sword at the red plumber's head. With a second swift surprise, the intruder swiftly doubled back and deflected the blade with a kick so strong, it disarmed him. Before he landed though, the king of evil had already began his second strike with a grab at the plumber as he landed.

"Ganondorf, Stop! I know these people, they're not our enemy!" Zelda interrupted, causing the two to stop fighting. Luigi began to relax until a second figure appeared beside him, causing him to jump. Luigi wandered backwards, observing this newcomer as Zelda approached them all.

"He's not'a with us…" Mario spoke uneasily as he caught a first glimpse of the follower.

"It's not…!" started Zelda, but the messenger simply stated two words before collapsing.

"Onett's Next…!"

2.2 - Lucas - I Love New Pork City

It was years after the events of King Porky's reign and the inhabitants saved from the Pigmask Army, by the dragon unleashed by Lucas and the final of the seven Needles. Ness and Lucas were walking down the main street of the new and industrialized New Pork City, ironically keeping its name from its one greatest export: Pork. Compared to the average everyday life, things seemed pretty normal… But with PSI, things for kids like Ness and Lucas never remained normal for long.

The earth suddenly shook violently, the various cityfolk scattered. Ness and Lucas looked to each other and both looked to find a source of information… Lucas eventually pointed out a large television store airing the news channel. A female sat frightened behind the desk, reporting, "The shake you're feeling, we believe to be coming from an explosion of unknown means… We believe the epicenter is located a few miles south of Onett… one second…"

Lucas looked to his friend apologetically, watching Ness's face grow into a contorted mixture of sadness and rage. He had lived in Onett for all his life, and he didn't know if it was in ruins or safe.

"We just received visual confirmation on Onett… the town has been devastated…. we now go to a live feed."

The television showed a large battleship flying in the air: one Lucas and Ness knew all too well. It was the Halberd, gunports open and firing, but strangely, not at the town…

2.3 - Fox - Arwing Assault

"Krystal, Peppy, drop back and give us cover-fire! Falco and I will infiltrate the Halberd from above and take out its main guns!" Fox McCloud boomed over his Arwing radio. Things were not going according to plan - The Halberd was contracted under Corneria after the Brawls… they had lost contact with the ship more than three days ago. The ship had been compromised and needed to be retaken, but how anything could have taken the fortress flier was beyond him. Come to think, Fox didn't even recall the Halberd ever touching ground, never mind making port.

"Fox! The fighter's targeted your fighter!" Slippy Toad came over the radio. Fox was already barrel-rolling before the first person could order… so second hand…

The Arwings flew overhead the Halberd and two of the fighters ejected, where Fox and Falco fell. In unison, they cried out.


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