Blood and Thunder


This piece of work is inspired by and dedicated to the MMORPG World of Warcraft, particularly one area of this game. Here's the poem with a hat's off to this great gaming experience.

Blood and Thunder
By IMSans

The barren plains, the fragile trees and the shoulder-high grass
are all that remains in these trodden fields.
What used to be a crossroads of caravans and merchants
is now the grave site of a thousand warriors.
Undisturbed but desecrated, their very presence defiles the rich
air and water of what used to be a sunset paradise.

The gentle rains come down as a torrent of tears, black
as tar, mixed with the blood of those who fought for the light,
mixed with the blood of those who fought for their families
soiled with the blood of those who fought for themselves alone.
The storm rages overhead, thunder clapping at the battle
lightning skewering the once tranquil pacifism.

This is a land of Blood and Thunder, Death and Glory.
It was once a land of Flesh and Earth, Life and Peace.
The divider is choice: one or the other.
We walk that line everyday.

Fate is the eventual destination of our walking…
Choice is the eventual fork in the road to it.

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