City that Never Sleeps

The City that Never Sleeps
By IMSans

Five-Fifty feels like a fine time
To watch the wayward weather wander overhead.
Smog smearing Sunday sunshine
Showing dreary denizens of the dreaming dead
This is the city that simply never sleeps
But we still savor samples before daybreak creeps.

Lights come on, Lights go off
Ruby lights, Yellow lights, Window Lights and Street Lights
This is the city of darkness, bathed in its own light
Artificial radiance cannot shine bright
Might’s light had lost its fight, to which in it now never leaps
When this became the city whose own light never sleeps

These petty people prefer painful profanity
Than high hopes helping hands to heal hearts
When I witnessed what this weary war-ground was, “Simplicity
And selfishness simply can’t last in these parts.”
But here is home and hunger only holds deep
Momentarily in the city that never sleeps

I watch the city rise
I watch the city fall
Fall from the high standards it was built upon.
Worse than any city ever built at all
The home of which broken men and women weeps
Is this city… this damned city that never sleeps.

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