Memories of Alabaster

Cast of Characters - Keeping track of the crew may be difficult. Included in this link are small biographies, written to inform the reader, but not hand out free spoilers. A character's first appearance in the tale will usually spring a link to that character's biography, so don't be scared when you see it! Unfortunately, you'll have to learn the geography in time. =P

Part 1 - To Those Who Refuse Death

Chapter 1 - Enter the Knight

"They're here! The Whiteriders are attacking! Everyone, to their stations!"

Klaxons sounded around the city, the race of men taking up their arms atop their towering walls guarding the stone city Ryelindel. These men were much different then they are now, where technology and machines do our bidding. No, these men relied on the ancient ways of swords and magic as well. These men were those of the Transpsyche Era, where they were slowly forgetting their origins and turning to new ways, becoming lazy and irresponsible. Still, it is because of these men we still stand today. Their sacrifice allowed Ryelindel to become a great civilization, be it only in numbers.

The war between the savage Whiteriders and the technology-reliant humans had just begun, beginning the previous age of mankind. An age of famine, bloodshed, and treachery. But what isn't known is that there was a third race of mortals struggling to find a place within the world as well. A race of humans that was pushed to the brink of extinction by the Whiteriders, known as the Araleis. These humans are our true ancestors, of which you only read about now in fairy tales. They should have been the true rulers of this world… But fate would have them cut down as to give the other races a chance to breathe. A pity.

The Whiteriders in particular gained the most fortune from this event. Their savage, demonic race only bent on killing to survive. The human race, at least us of Ryelindel, have yet to discover their true purpose… why they scour the land for our slain like vultures. It was only recent they had become so bold as to attack us. And en masse.

"Hold it! They're chasing someone! Lower the drawbridge!"

"Are you mad?! They'll enter directly into the Common District!"

Ah, I see you've come to pay attention to your grandfather at last… Yes, that's Aeron Valante, third generation Araleis and an outstanding caster. You see him now unconscious, and as a young man rather than as you know him now, "deceased" at the age of 176 Earth Years. His birthday isn't too far from now, actually, but I digress. Aeron is unconscious, because of a little scuffle from the Whiteriders, but you already would know that had you listened this story from the humans. Ironically, this would be a case of "the pot calling the kettle black".

Not only had the Whiteriders began assaulting the humans, but the humans were becoming rather… I supposed racist would be the best choice of words, against the Araleis. Now having their precious technology, they saw no more use for magic. That's what they'd like you to believe… Humans are entirely about deception and jealousy: They proclaim they're th best and hang anyone who argues differently. Seeing, however, that the Whiteriders would just as rather kill us than kill a human, that made our list of allies in this war rather limited. Aeron was returning from our true hometown, children, a place you won't find in the history books.

Alabaster, the great city of white and gold… How any Araleis would give to see the city in its prime once again. Though tomes and relics still exist to this day, the civilization has all been eradicated. Even its location is for the most part, lost. Exhausted from training, Aeron ran into a discriminating group of human ruffians. Things turned for the worst as you can imagine, but for you young Araleis listening in, I'll explain.

When an Araleis trains and attains either new magic or new experience, one's essence, or rather as humans call it, magic power, is completely drained to nil, leaving us exhausted and in most cases, unconscious. Aeron was lucky to walk away from the fight unscathed, but as you see now, it didn't take long before Whiteriders happened upon his helpless form. It was by the grace of Aisha, his steed, that he outran them that day, not because of the humans and their guns and arrows.


Shots rang out in every direction atop the wall, yet the physical harm done to these riders could only cut their numbers in half. It was by the grace of the creator he survived, and by the grace of Aisha's swift hooves he arrived at Ryelindel safely. The remaining riders could only flee, leaving Aeron's fate in the hands of humans. Bless them that they were blind… They thought they saved one of their own.

"He doesn't look good, captain. We should get him to the infirmary, immediately!"

"Do it, and let me know the instant he awakes."

"Sir, yes sir!"

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