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Class Abilities


"The Two-Hour" - For when situations get totally f***ed. Derived from the Final Fantasy XI Online game, modified and played with to fit each talent spec for each class.

Blood Death Knight - "Blood Weapon" - The Blood Knight has their Rune Weapon come alive in a thirst for blood, and savagely increases the Blood Knight's attack power (150%). The Blood Knight, sharing a bond with the Rune Weapon specifically at this time, gains health equivalent to the damage dealt. This buff lasts for 20 Melee Swings of 1 Minute, whichever comes first - it cannot be spellstolen or dispelled.
Frost Death Knight - "Shardfall" - A massive shard of ice spears the target from above, causing 1000% of top end weapon damage as frost damage to the target. The attack also freezes the target in place for seven seconds, as well as stuning them for four. This attack is not subject to damage reduction and automatically hits. Can stun bosses.
Unholy Death Knight - "Dark Harvest" - The Unholy Knight's weapon transforms into a Rune Scythe for 30 seconds, causing weapon damage increased by 300% during the duration, as well as +10% Critical Strike chance. The Rune Scythe has a 3.00 weapon speed and is not subject to Haste effects, however the abilities remain affected. The Dark Harvest ability becomes the ability "Reaper" during the two-hour's duration: "Reaper" costs 40 Runic Power, has a four second cooldown and has "This attack deals 125% weapon damage + 12% additional as Shadow damage per disease on the target. When a target is struck successfully with Reaper, all of the Death Knight's runes reset." This ability cannot be spellstolen or dispelled.

Balance Druid
Feral Druid
Restoration Druid

Beastmaster Hunter - "Call of the Wilderness" - The Beastmaster calls aid to all pets he has with him. For the next thirty seconds, all allies, pets included, gain the Bestial Wrath effect. This is coupled with a 10% bonus to attack, casting and movement speed.
Marksman Hunter
Survival Hunter

Arcane Mage - "Manafont" - This buff grants the Arcane Mage thirty seconds of spellcasting with no MP costs. Cannot be spellstolen or dispelled.
Frost Mage - "Absolute Zero" - This is an AoE Frost nova, that encapsulates hostile targets within 30 yards of the caster. All targets hit by the attack are considered frozen. targets frozen by Sub-Zero can not use abilities or trinkets that break crowd-control effects. If damage dealt to a frozen target exceeds 10% of their maximum health, or thirty seconds have past (whichever first), the crowd control effect breaks. When the targets break free, they take an additional 100% damage dealt of the sum of damage received when entombed. Cannot be cleansed.
Fire Mage - "Kamikaze" - This attack deals fire damage to all targets within 30 yards of the caster, including the mage himself. The amount of base damage is equivalent to 100% of the mage's Max HP. (Note: A Fire Mage specced into Cauterize will survive the blast, but will require healing before the DoT dealt to them kills them a second time.) All fire damage dealt are subject to crit and "Ignite"

Holy Paladin
Protection Paladin - "Invincible" - The Paladin raises a stalwart guard, protecting him from all harm while maintaining full combat prowess. No damage, DoT, affliction or hindrance can affect the Paladin during the thirty second duration. While Invincible, threat generation is increased by 300%.
Retribution Paladin

Holy Priest - "Benediction" - A Holy Priest can summon a vast amount of holy energy, healing all party and raid members to full health and mana, as well as cleansing any negative effects. This healing bypasses healing reduction effects.
Shadow Priest
Discipline Priest

Subtlety Rogue
Assassination Rogue
Combat Rogue

Elemental Shaman - "Storm of Vengeance" - The Elementalist summons a powerful storm, causing immense Frost, Fire and Nature damage. Targets caught in the storm are dealt one of the following every second for ten seconds: A) Nature damage and stunned for one second (Lightning/Earth) - B) Nature Damage and silenced for one second (Wind) - C) Frost Damage and frozen in place (Frost) - D) Fire Damage with 25% of the damage dealt over the next 3 seconds (Fire) - E) Frost Damage equal to 5% of target's Maximum Health from asphyxiation (Water). Haste rating will increase the number of ticks the spell inflicts, but the duration and cast time remains 10 Seconds - While the spell is channeled it can not be interrupted nor can the Shaman die - all lethal damage will reduce the Shaman's HP to 1. The Shaman takes minor damage at the end of the spell too treat lethal damage dealt.
Enhancement Shaman
Restoration Shaman

Demonology Warlock
Affliction Warlock
Destruction Warlock

Fury Warrior
Arms Warrior
Protection Warrior

New Classes


An actual class that specializes in Hand to Hand and Staff weapons, utilizing both Strength and Agility equally.

Playable Races: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, Draenei, Worgen, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Undead, Blood Elf, Goblin
Favored Races: Human, Tauren

Class Description: Monks are men of the monastery that take on sacred duties and vows to fulfill the required rolls of their brotherhood.
Class features: Cloth Armor, Staff Weapons, H2H Weapons, Unarmed Proficiency, Increased Stamina, Uses Mana System

Heiromonk - Healer Role
Warrior Monk - DPS Role
Ascetic monk - Tanking Role

Key Abilities:

Healer Starter Ability: Act of Devotion - Moderate Healing Spell, also restores caster's mana by 5%. No mana cost - fifteen second cooldown.
DPS Starter Ability: Asuran Fists - A heavy damage dealing channeling attack that stuns the target during the duration. three second duration, two ticks per second. High mana cost.
Tanking Starter Ability: Awe Presence - This buff lasts ten minutes, and inflicts threat to nearby targets around you. Causes Non Aggressive targets to flee in fear unless engaged in combat, but also widens your aggro radius. Causes moderate threat, cannot be spellstolen.

The Vows
Monks undergo vows in their service, forgoing many commodities life offers. When a monk enters a vow state, they cannot change their vow for another hour.

Vow of Silence - While under this vow (treated like a Hunter's Presence or a Warrior's Stance), the Monk cannot cast spells. This in turn grants him a 20% Bonus to Strength and Agility, and improving his Hit Rating and Expertise by 3%.
Vow of Poverty - While under this vow (treated like a Hunter's presence or a Warrior's Stance), the Monk cannot equip gear. this in turn grants him a 50% Damage Reduction in place of armor, a 30% Dodge Chance and a 25% Parry Chance. This also increases their threat by 100%.
Vow of Peace - While under this vow (treated like a Hunter's Presence or a Warrior's Stance), the Monk cannot deal damage. This in turn grants their healing abilities 250% more potency and their cooldowns cut in half. They also become immune to poisons and diseases.
Vow of Fasting - While under this vow (treated like a Hunter's Presence or a Warrior's Stance), the monk cannot use consumables, such as food, drink, potions, flasks, elixirs, scrolls, or other assorted items. This in turn grants them a value equal to their level in Critical Strike rating, Haste rating, Spirit, Stamina, and Intellect, as well as combat mana regeneration and out-of-combat health regen equal to 3% of their maximum health and mana respectively.

Warrior Monk Abilities:

Dynamic Punch - A forceful, yet elegant punch delivering massive damage to a target. Has a chance to shake the target, causing them to be unbalanced, reducing their dodge, block and parry chance by 10%. 10 second cooldown, 6 second debuff duration. Requires Fist Weapon or Unarmed.
Mach Punch - A blow that deals sonic damage, unresistable and non-physical, bypassing all damage reduction effects. 20 second cooldown, requires Fist Weapon or Unarmed.
Mach Kick - A kick that inflicts sonic damage, unresistable and non-physical, bypassing all damage reduction effects. interrupts a target if casting. 30 second cooldown.
Bull Rush - A charge that knocks back the target ~5 Feet. Deals massive physical damage. 15 second cooldown. Cannot be used while in combat. (Opener)
Raging Strikes - grants two extra melee attacks on your next strike. 10 Second cooldown, high mana cost.
Meteoric Strikes - grants an extra melee attack on your next strike that deals it's damage as fire damage. 8 second cooldown, moderate mana cost.
Thundering Strikes - grants an extra melee attack on your next strike that deals its damage as nature damage. 8 second cooldown, moderate mana cost.
Aquatic Strikes - grants an extra melee attack on your next strike that deals its damage as frost damage. 8 second cooldown, moderate mana cost.

Warrior Monk Talents:

Heiromonk Abilities:

Act of Faith - Primary Big Healing Spell. High mana Cost for High healing done, Moderate Cast time.
Act of Charity - Quick Healing Spell. high mana Cost, little to moderate healing. Instant Cast.
Act of Forgiveness - Resurrection Spell. 10 Second cast time, high mana cost. Cannot be used in combat.
Act of Devotion - (Spec Specific) see above in class specs.
Act of Hospitality - Moderate Heal over long amount of time, moderate mana cost.
Stigmata of Sight - Claim one of a friendly target's accuracy-impairing effects
Stigmata of Ability - Claim one of a friendly target's disarm afflictions
Stigmata of Movement - Claim one of a friendly target's movement-impairing effects
Stigmata of Blood - Claim one of a friendly target's damage over time effects

Heiromonk Talents:
Bathed in Light - 3 Ranks / Tier One - Healing Spells cast also heal you for 5/10/15% of the amount healed.

Ascetic Monk Abilities:
Foresight - 100% Chance to dodge next attack. 1 Minute cooldown, moderate mana cost.
Redirect - The next time an opponent strikes you and you successfully dodge, damage that would have been dealt is dealt to the opponent itself. 30 Second Cooldown.

Ascetic Monk Talents:

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