Wandering At Sea


Those reading IMSans's personal novel project abbreviated "CoD" may wish not to read this poem, as it was originally based on certain aspects of the ENDING. Those who wish to read, read with an open mind and try your best not to relate this to other pieces of work.

Wandering at Sea

By IMSans

This is the fifth day I’ve stared out at sea
Like the tide, my mind wavers predictably
Like the wind, my emotions are unable to be grasped
Like the beach, my worries are all washed ashore and left
for someone to unpredictably stir up

The fourth day I stared out at sea
Like the ocean, I was always there, without absence
Like the sunset, I was filled with joyous radiance
Like the waves, I couldn’t contain my excitement
after getting married to the love of my life

The third day I stared out at sea
Like the thunder, I was wrought with calamity
Like the rain, I was tearing without end in sight
Like the clouds, I was dreading the worst, dark fate
of what would happen if she didn’t show

The second day I stared out at sea
Like the sun, I said goodbye to a dear friend
Like the stars, I spoke with the confidence of always being there
Like the moon, I dreamed to say “I do” in time
to the woman of my dreams and fantasies

The first day I stared out at sea, she was with me. We stared.
At the tide, At the winds and the beach
At the ocean, At the sunset and the waves
At the thunder, At the rain and the clouds
At the sun, At the stars and the moon

You’ll always be within my memory,
You who made our skies bright with stars,
You who would make our skies fill with rain,
You who’s sunset is beyond comparison.
May the wind be at your back, dear friend. Always.

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