White Ash - Epilogue

by IMSans

Part I - The Gathering

Location: Divinance - New Elias, a town fifty miles Northeast of Tigren Mage City

The pungent smell of mossy stone lingered in the dungeon, despite the breezes of crisp northern air coming from the only door in the hall. There were benches and chairs set in a church-like manner, with a podium in the back of the room, elevated by a deliberately placed large stone slab. Small collections of papers littered the pews, only absent where people were occupying. The people wore a variety of garments and equipment - they could pass as militia men, hunters and apprentice mages - all, however, wearing a distinct armband of black and red, with two joined 'X's horizontally across the cloth.

A man emerged from the crowd and approached the podium, causing the twenty or so attendants grow restless, yet silent. The man had short hair - unruly and graying. His face was riddled with wrinkles and scars, and a small patch covered his right eye. An old rifle was slung across his back and his clothes were noticeably heavy - as if he had taken two flannel long-sleeves and sandwiched chain mail inside. His knees were nearly covered by his boots, where a hilt could be seen protruding from the side of the left.

He grasped the podium and coughed a while to clear his through - raspy to begin with, some wondered if it had even really helped. "My friends… we're here today to discuss matters of the… creature inhabiting the Tigren Mage City, the wife of one Archmage Thaddeus Wilson Arcanon."

Many people shuffled their papers to look at a photograph of said man and his wife: she looked human enough, but the speaker carefully emphasized 'creature' with a certain malice behind his voice. "These are but two of the many that turned this world upside-down, crushing armies and leaving civilizations in fire and ruins in their wake during their campaign…. they're but two… but it's a start.

"You may be asking yourselves 'what can we do against such titans'? And my answer to you is this: Heroes are strong in battle, both one on one and in warfare, as we've seen these past ten years. Where we can strike… is from the shadows. Turn them against each other through matter of cloak and dagger tactics. When they are the most vulnerable, a silent dagger to the up the back of the neck is all that's needed. It doesn't matter if they find the body… or if we're caught afterward… our race's freedom can only be gained once we're rid of these tyrants!

"No more will heroes dictate our lives! We will live our OWN lives! Free to do as we will!"

The crowd was getting rambunctious, but the sentence unified them in speech - "From the void we come, to the void they go!"

-insert anti-hero char. plot 1-

-insert anti-hero char. plot 1 + 2, intro to Tigren-

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