Foreign Language

I would consider knowing something about a foreign language to be kinda nerdy. I mean, after all, knowing a foreign language implies that you are intellectual and that's what being a nerd's all about, yes?

Anyway, this is the page. :)

My pre-calc professor is Chinese and only within the last 10 or so years did he come to America. He's been trying to teach us Chinese all semester and every time he teaches us a new word, I try to write it down and remember it.

This isn't the ACTUAL spelling of the words (since I don't know how to write Chinese) but I tried to write it how it sounds.

nee how - "Hello" (sing.)
nee men how - "Hello"(pl.)
sheh-sheh - "Thank you"
say juway - "Goodbye"
duy bou chi - "Sorry"
muy gwen chi -"That's OK/fine"

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