Friend Disclaimer

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I am adding this because I really think it needs to be said. And I am really hoping we can all come to an agreement on this.

I am sure everyone has heard horror stories about moving in with friends, yes? Either through personal experience or others' personal experience. Regardless, it is usually true that friends who live together usually become enemies afterwards. I have lived with friends in the past and that went ugly really fast1. But I know we are all pretty close (some more than others) and none of us want to see this roommate situation resolved to a cheap episode on Cops2. So I think laying out a couple "ground rules" may help us avoid ruining any friendships, mmkay?

  • It's very important to respect the privacy and possessions of others. We're all adults and we all know this.
  • If there is a problem with another housemate, TALK IT OUT with them before anything becomes too severe.
  • Don't "gang up" on another member of the house if you have an issue. Say, if one person had an issue with another person, that one person should not use the other two as posse members to attack the fourth one. No one wants to feel unsafe or uncomfortable in their own place. this moment, those are the only bullet points I can think of that wouldn't really overlap and reiterate everything that's already on the Wouldbe House page. I, personally, am very close with all three of you guys and I don't want to lose any of those relationships over petty small things.

I think we're all pretty reasonable and laid back people, although we may have our moments from time to time. I just think it's important to make sure friendships aren't destroyed in the process.


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