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Captain Hammer Issues

(Ali; 18 August)

OK, so everything about Capt. Hammer is going to be pretty easy to find. Helloooooo, Goodwill! Navy blue shirt (check), grey pants, a black belt that looks exactly like my belt ('cept mine's rainbow…), boots…

I was looking at the picture and I think the hardest thing that's going to be found will have to be the gloves. LOOK AT THEM! I dare you!. They are weeeiiiirrrrdddddd…….!

So…uhmm……I guess my next stop would be eBay?

I'm still looking into other costumes, but I am really tempted to be my own theme: like stupid/airheaded characters. Capt. Hammer would be a prime example, but Professor Lockhart would be another. (ahhhhh, Harry Potter. :D).

Bah. We shall see.

Another thing about the Hammer, though: I need to work out the hair as well….


Monster Debate

(Jen, August 28)

So this has been on my mind for a while now and I'd been wanting to write about it.

In one of the new vampire shows, the main actress was being interviewed and someone asked her why she thought vampires were so popular. She said she really didn't know. But I know why.

I'm going to explain why both Vampires and Werewolves are so popular, and why the vampire following has always been greater than that of the werewolf.

To begin, take a look at vampires and what part of us and our primal urges they represent. In the classic 1931 Dracula with Bela Legosi you see a sinister yet strangely entrancing character who is able to lure scantely clad and beautiful women from the safety of their beds. A vampire could be a horrifying thing, and in some movies the vampire is not so seductive but hideous and strange, like in Germany's 1922 classic Nosferatu. But the vampire, though sometimes sick and strange, always has a seductive allure and feeds not by biting wrists, not by tearing through flesh, but by a bite on the neck, something so close to a kiss that despite its sordid nature it simply woes vampire fans until they're weak in the knees.

Next we take a look at our furry fiends the werewolves. A werewolf is wild and unhuman in it's reasonings. Starting with the hit The Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr, we see a normal man from civilized society become a terrible monster filled with uncontrolable rage. A werewolf kills everything it comes across both savagely and without remorse. A werewolf is wild and completely untamable, but when the moon is no longer full and the wolf becomes human again they are struck with horror and remorse for what they have done.

What exactly does all of this say about each monster? Simply that a vampire represents lust and desire. In otherwords, vampires represent love. Meanwhile werewolves represent anger and uncontrolable rage. We do things we regret when we are angry. In simpler forms, a werewolf represents hate.

This in my opinion is why the werewolf vs vampire debate is so strong. Also, seeing as love is something we all want, and lust isn't so bad so long as it's mutual…this is why vampires are more popular and despite Twilight's attempt to deface the dark side of the vampire, the vampire following is just to great to ever die.

I however, will always cheer for my friend the werewolf. Not because I approve of hate, but because anger is something that is important to me. Anger overcomes fear, and if I am angry enough I can face anything. Not to mention, werewolves are just wild and free, while vampires tend to represent high class society…I just prefer the deep dark forest to tall cold castles. But that's just me.

Monsters and Their Seven Deadly Sins

(Ali; 29 August 2010)

After reading Jen's contribution, I started to realize something. The "competition" between vampires and werewolves goes much deeper than the "love versus hate" debate. And most people can agree that the reason most of these lores exist (and continue to exist — which is a key point) is because they are important to people. It is not just in honor of history or tradition…it is because a lot of the behaviors exemplified by these creatures are the emotions and behaviors that all of us feel…but because of society, culture or whatnot, we can't follow these instinctual paths. Or we're afraid of the behaviors, so we create monsters who thrive by them.

But there is an interesting correlation that Jen and I discovered: many of the monsters that exist through history and several different cultures can all be attributed to the seven deadly sins. This is not to say that those sins were in the minds of those who created these monsters; but it's an interesting discovery.

Here is the list:

  • Lust = vampires
  • Gluttony = zombies
  • Pride = Dr. Frankenstein
  • Envy = witches
  • Wrath = werewolves
  • Sloth = trolls
  • Greed = dragons

Brief Explanations:

Lust: We went with vampires on this one. It was kind of an easy choice. Vampires are (as Jen pointed out) extremely sexual in nature.
Gluttony: This one was a little bit of a toss up, but zombies seemed to fit well. They gorge themselves on human flesh and are never satisfied as they consume; so they have to continue to consume more and more…
Pride: I realize that Frankenstein is a book written by Mary Shelley and is not like the others; but this one was chosen because 1) it is a popular monster story and 2) Dr. Frankenstein was a very proud man. He was blinded by his pride so much that he had to create his monster…who didn't really turn out to be so much of a monster. But the pride he had consumed him until it undid him.
Envy: The whole reason the witch trials started (and persisted) was because of envy. But the witches were not the ones being envious; the other people around them were the ones who were jealous (and scared) of everyone around them. But most of the people who were "reported" as witches were only done so because they had something someone else wanted.
Wrath: Werewolves are angry creatures and blinded so much by their anger that they are unable to control themselves
Sloth: This one was Nichole's suggestion. Trolls are lazy and stand under bridges and yell at goats and harass people. But they were in the toss up for greed.
Greed: On this one, we went with dragons. It's a very popular idea that dragons horde gold in their caves. What is a better example of greed than that? Nichole made an interesting point, though, that she's read several books and the dragon is always the "bad guy". Even when there's a wizard who has killed hundreds of people….the dragon's bad because it has the gold. But notice that greed is on the list….but murder isn't.

Just thought it was fascinating. ^^

A Monster Movie List

(By Jen)

So there's a lot of movies I have yet to see, and I've compiled a list of all the ones i could think of that I need to see here.

movies to investigate:
1. arachnaphobia
3. The Innocents (1961)
4. The Faculty1
5. Blair Witch 2
6. The Wicker man (1973)
7. The blob (1988)
8. Rosemary's baby(1968)
9. The Brood (1979)
10. Event Horizon (1997)
11. Dawn of the dead
12. Eraserhead (1977)
13. Amityville horror (1978)
14. Pet Sematary2
15. The Shining3
16. Open Water4
17. A perfect storm
18. Nightmare on Elm Street5
19. Scream
20. Halloween
21. Predator
22. The Fly (1986)
23. Salem's lot (1979)
24. Interview with a Vampire
25. The mist (2007)6
26. Cloverfield (I've seen this, I just need to buy it)
27. Saw (2004)7
28. Hellraiser (1987)
29. 28 days later
30. The Exorcist (1973)
31. Evil dead 2 (1987)
32. Dawn of the dead (1978)
33. Invasion of the body snatchers (1978)
34. The Grudge8
35. Jeepers Creepers
36. Leprechaun9
37. Chucky
38. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein
39. Frankenstein meets the wolf man
40. House of Frankenstein
41. house of Dracula
42. the werewolf vs the vampire woman
43. Haunted Honey moon (gene wilder!) (i've seen this one and love it!)(but haven't bought it yet)(= ()
44. Gremlins
45. The howling
46. an american werewolf in london
47. The company of wolves
48. Ladyhawke (1985)
49. bad moon
50. Dog soldiers
51. The Witches (based on Roald Dahl's book, and even has Rowan Atkinson in it)10
52. Lake Placid (I hear it's cheesy, but I still wish to see it)
53. The Haunted history of halloween
54. The forbidden planet
55. Queen of the damned

You'll notice the last..several..are werewolf movies. I realized I only have Lon Chaney jr's Wolf man and this has made me sad. So I'll have to investigate for more good werewolf movies.

Some good monster movies that I've seen and own are:
1. Dracula
2. The Wolf man11
3. Monster Squad (it has all the good classic monsters…but no witches..)
4. 13 ghosts (not a lot of good ghost movies out there, so this one makes me happy)
5. Casper (speaking of ghosts…)
6. Nosforatu (creepy son of a bitch! It's an old silent movie, but a classic and worth seeing at least once)
7. Hocus Pocus
8. Beetlejuice
9. Edward Scissor hands
10. Young Frankenstein (ooh the laughs this movie brings)
11. Sleepy Hollow
12. Sweeny Todd
13. Repo The Genetic Opera
14. Phantom of the opera
15. Nightmare before Christmas
16. The Corpse Bride
17. The Addams Family (the best creepy family)

I can't think of what else I have..haha.

Movies I've seen that I'd like to get: (even though I put a few of these on my need to investigate list)
1. Blair Witch (I like witches…where are all the good witch movies at?)
2. The Mummy (a good old classic)
3. Frankenstein (also a classic)
4. Haunted honey moon (with Gene Wilder, you can not go wrong)
5. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein1213(I haven't seen this one in ages, but they team up with the wolf man against Dracula and Frankenstein's monster I believe)
6. Cloverfield (a good movie, Blair Witch esque but I enjoyed it)
7. The worst witch (I forgot about this witch movie, it's cute)
8. Dracula dead and loving it (an awesome vampire movie)
9. The Crow (it deepens my admiration of these black birds, and oh, beautiful revenge!)
10. It's the great pumpkin Charlie brown
11. The Halloween tree (haven't seen this in years..not the best art, but tells the history of halloween across the world. waaay cool)

Halloween Inventory

Spider (Fred)
Crow (Cornelius)
Glow in the Dark fluorescent face paint
Magic mirror
Black light
Zombie cookie cutter
gummy workms
edible blood
foil ghost cupcakes
spirit gum & remover
fake fingers
pimp hat
pumpkin spider
4 skull & crossbone cups
Halloween cookie cutters
devil squiggly thing
witch tea light
Frankenstein's monster's cup
bloody table cloth
werewolf mask
screaming jack o lantern
fake blood x2
devil horns
black lipstick
red and brown face makeup
pointy ears
vammp fangs
werewolf fangs
white face makeup
devil headband
black and green spider
lil finger puppets
wolfman playing cards
tea lights
pumpkin candy pail
2 witch hats
skull and crossbones candle holder
witch Pez
brain mold
broken bat pin
bat plate
lightup tree ghost
red danger tape
black caution tape
torn up black long sleeve shirt
2 capes
butcher knife
light up pirate gun
mummy makeup
child size orange wig
pirate earring
witch mask
monster hands
window ghost
kitty pharaoh hat
pirate hat
purple hat
black bat
pumpkin soap dispenser
Elvis party wig
blow up alien
some rope
spiders and skeletons (skeletons are glow in the dark)
monster crossing sign
red riding hood bow
blood red nailpolish
Hair color:

  • purple
  • silver sparkle
  • white
  • red
  • black
  • yellow
  • orange
  • glow in the dark
  • gold
  • green

2 more skeletons (wall)
Halloween table cloth
Crossbones Inn sign
Artistic Renderings:

  • double, double, toil and trouble…
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Witch
  • crow w/ blood spatter
  • pumpkin
  • graveyard

Welcome Halloween w/ cat flag
Soda cover

  • Spooky Sauce
  • Vampire Blood
  • Witch's Brew

Window decorations: blood spatter and weapons
Jones Boxes
witch and werewolf
2 blood candles
bat chalkboard
2 pumpkin carving kits
Pillsbury Halloween cookbook
Window decoration- haunted house
Window figures: RIP Jack Black and rat
skull shotglass
Red Riding Hood costume
Flapper dress
geek glasses
werewolf mask with mismatched gloves
bag o' tattoos
Bear hands (brown and white)
skull shirt with light up heart
torn up shirt
skull and crossbone necklace
tattoo sleeves
more fake blood
dragon head
green monster
serving bowl (punch)
skull w/ pretty hair
blood slime
skeleton hands
orange lights
pumpkin and skeleton garland
spiders, eyeballs, bats, light up bat
purple spiderweb
blood bag
witch candy bucket
wolfman stuffed animal
silver knee highs (black)
skeleton socks
skull and crossbones headband
stink bomb ingredient
3D glasses
test tube
bow tie
purple rubber gloves
one blue rubber glove
tribal necklace
dog tag
syringe pen
reflective dog collar
monster eyes
No Hope belt
sand castle
werewolf candle holder
blood slime
pirate skirt
3 goggles
chem glasses
Halloween TY bunny
witch's stew
glitter skull
witch wind sock (hanging out on a tree currently)
killer bunny
ghost candle
light up haunted house
2 tombstone candles
orange serving bowl
3 tombstones
1 giant centapede
three light up trees
a scary rat

Halloween songs

*= I have this song

one horned one eyed flying purple people eater
the witch doctor
hell- squirrell nut zippers
i'm your boogie man- White zombie
grim grinning ghosts- by disney I think
*I put a spell on you - Manson remake
*Betelguese theme song
*Halloween theme song
*The two towers -Lord of the rings (creepy sounding song = ))
*This is Halloween-disney
*This is Halloween-manson version
*Very superstisious- stevie wonder
*Happiness is a warm gun-across the universe soundtrack (I think it's fitting)
*Labrynth -David Bowie (very scary XP)
*People are strange -The doors
*Slipping- Dr. Horrible
*Re: your brains-Johnathan Coulton
*Skull Crusher Mountain-Johnathan Coulton
*Thriller-Micheal Jackson
*How do you tell a witch-monty python
*Jack's lament -nightmare before xmas
*sally's song-nightmare before xmas
*Portal, still alive
*Kiss from a rose (sorta halloweenish, it just reminds me of graveyards)
*On the rise-dr. horribles sing a long
*Monster mash
*Professsional pirate-muppet treasure island
*Masochism Tango-Tom Lehrer
*Mitternacht-E Nomine
*Das Tier in mir- E. Nomine (the animal in me)
*Fightclub theme song
*RVC 22:20 -Puscifer (in the underworld soundtrack)
*Living dead girl-rob zombie
*The funny farm-dr. demento
*Zydrate anatomy-Repo
*Night surgeon- Repo
*Thankless job-Repo
*Time warp- rocky horror
*a little priest-sweeny todd
*phantom of the opera theme song
*addams family theme song
*the horror -rjd2 (it's about time travel)
*jaws theme song
*Night on bald mountain
*Willie wonka ferry boat song-done by manson
*ghost busters theme song
*Dragula-rob zombie
*Paint it black-rolling stones
*psycho-puddle of mud
funeral march of the marrionettes


(by jen)

you know how SNL does a hilarious version of celebrity jeapordy? I think we should do monster jeapordy..you must stay in character for whatever you dressed up as..could be very fun..

also, how about our own fortune teller? we make strips of fortunes with sarcastic sayings placed in front of our fortune teller prop…

Zombie history

(by Jen)
I love learning about the history of monsters, as many have changed drastically through the medium of modern culture.

One case that I've been delving into is a monster that for whatever reason tends to make me uncomfortable..perhaps because it hungers for my brains, and I happen to need my brain to think about monsters…and bears…but i digress.

In the case of zombies, a newly popular monster that is taking the nation and perhaps the world by storm, we will find that origionally zombies are very different from today's 28 days later zombie. (but all of the popular monsters today have changed quite a bit from the original case).

Zombies were first noted in Haitian voodoo, when a voodoo priest would bring someone back from the dead with black magic. In actuallity most of these people who were "brought back from the dead" were actually alive, just drugged previously and with their mouths sewn closed. This of course is still a horrifying thing to imagine, someone of which your limited medical knowledge was dead, and then suddenly they are crazed, most likely terrified beings who are suddenly "alive" again.

The whole point of this little blog is that it seems that the 1932 movie "White Zombie" staring Bela Lugosi, is based on the Haitian myth and therefor, as far as I know, the only accurate zombie depiction of the original zombie lore. Therefor, it is a movie I should probably watch….

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