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INTRO: Understandably, stories about holiday events. Feel free to contribute.

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2009's Easter Story

by Ali1
{told in the infamous 2nd person}

You walk into a field of flowers. As far as the eye can see in any direction, you see flowers. Yellow flowers. Daisies, perhaps. The sky is a brilliant shade of tropical oceana blue. The white clouds are dotted lazily here and there across the sky, seeming to be painted by a content street painter who's in love. You feel relaxed in the field. Although you are by yourself, you feel no overwhelming sense of solidarity. Everything seems at peace with the world and you have no cares to speak of.

That is, until something catches your attention. Something that seems abnormal in this perfect scene. Something sinister.

(But that's not for at least another paragraph)

As you walk through the field of flowers, the petals seem to dance across your exposed skin as you pass. They seem to plant small kisses of warmth and affection and fill you with another wave of contentment. A light breeze blows warmth onto your body and whirlwinds around you to enclose you in a secure hug. A sigh of bliss escapes your lips and you'[re about to immerse yourself in the softness of the flowerbed when you're alerted to a sudden presence. You can tell that something is wrong, for the winds suddenly start to shift and, if you listen hard enough, you can almost hear the crying of the flowers in the wind.

Ahead of you, approximately five yards, you can see an abnormal rustling in the plant life. Dread starts to gather in the pit of your stomach, but you try to ignore it. Everything around you is peaceful, you reason; why should there be anything to fear?

But as you settle your focus back on that one rustling area in the flowers, you feel even more dread sink in. Curiosity gets the better of you as you zero in, but your instincts freeze you in fear.

And then, just when you're two feet from the spot, the rustling all of a sudden stops. The field, the wind and the sky all collectively heave a huge sigh of relief. You take a step back and continue to stare at the same spot in anticipation. A smile starts to dance across your lips as you feel relief sink in around you. You start to laugh at having felt the least bit scared when peace and simplicity surround you. As your laughter echoes out across the field, something jumps out of the spot you had been investigating. You shout out and jump back, startled. The winds start to shift again, seeming to be as startled as you are. Before the fiend disappears, your eyes catch something that looks suspiciously like a white poof-ball tail.

As soon as the object disappears, things in the field once again return to normal. But you aren't so easily seduced by the strangling peace and security this time. You do not have any idea what's going on, but you know something isn't right— and you aren't going to just lay back and be peaceful.

You try your best to ignore the peace and bliss that dance around you and you more forward to where the field disappears. The tranquility of the surrounding area tries to hold you back into the bliss, but you ignore it. Moving forward, you lean closer in the daisies and attempt to look through the field. You don't see anything, but continue to wait and watch for moment. Nothing happens for a long while, and the sun's rays start to entice sweat on the back of your neck. Just when you are about to put this incident behind you, you see something. Another sudden rustle in the flowers, another defensive maneuver from the surrounding area and you jump back as something flings out of the field. It takes several seconds for you to adjust your eyesight, but before the fiend disappears again, you see make out something else: erect, pink ears. The kind you usually see on an oryctolagus cuniculus; a rabbit.

Piecing together the pink ears and the white poof-ball tail, you take a shot in the dark and assume your companion is a bunny. A cute little white bunny. Your heart softens as you think about it, and your mind fondly settles on the nostalgia of those childhood days when you may or may not have owned a bunny of your own.

After the nostalgia disappears, you start to wonder why the field would be so defensive of the bunny. Why would it act so strongly against a white bunny with a poof-ball tail? You fathom this for several moments before you hear another rustling. Even more importantly, you hear in the distance the infamous chord striking of Stephen Spielberg's Jaws music. As soon as you hear the sound, the bunny hops up from where it had hidden and flies to a different patch of flowers. You stand stunned, for a moment and stare dumbly into the patch of flowers the rabbit flew into. As soon as you regain control of your responses, you take another step forward when another chord from the same soundtrack sounds. Once again, the bunny appears, only to jump into another patch of flowers— right now, he's very close to you. You jump back startled, before cautiously leaning forward to investigate. Once more, the music plays and the bunny responds as expected. It is even closer to you now and the crescendo is due to come up. The hairs on your arms begin to stand up, followed suit by the ones on the back of your neck. Your instincts are screaming for you to run— that crescendo is not something someone wants to be around for. But your brain is skeptical. After all: what is there to fear from a bunny?

As expected, the crescendo begins. Instincts win out and you try to run, but you're too slow. Before you know it, you are attacked by the white bunny. It flies at your neck and the last thing you see before you lose consciousness is the blood from your jugular vein dripping on your hands.

Moral of the Story: Keep your kids out of blissful fields filled with flowers that seduce peace and tranquility; for that is where bunnies lie.


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