Horrid Haiku

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I've decided that one of the first books I ever publish is going to be a compilation of bad haiku. I love writing haiku, but I do believe they're all awful. XD Still, that doesn't stop me from wanting to publish them. lol.

I hope you enjoy them, and please critique me if you feel the need. I would appreciate it.1

Can't Write Haiku

I can write haiku
But I don't do it very well
So go and suck it
Although I like it

A Message to a Friend

I'll go on my way
Do try and have fun in class
Running away now!


Hiding carefully
Lay silent in the flowers
A predator comes


Dear pre-calculus
How I do truly loathe thee
You are confusing.


Heartbreaker wild
Just trying to find true love
Always lets him down


Pale and cold are you
Fangs ejecting from your teeth
Life leaks out from me


Death's overrated
Eternal loneliness
No one to share it

I love you

To my dearest you
I love you with all my heart
Love forever me


Oh, my dear Hamlet
How crazed you must be feeling
Your mother's a whore.

An Anti-Ode to the Wind

You blow through my hair
My clothes are not warm enough
Oh, how I loathe you.

You Disgust Me

Just thinking of you
I feel seriously ill
Just leave me alone.

The End

At the end of the world
Fire, mist, smoke, burning bodies
My one true nightmare

Sleeping Puppies Bark

Sleeping silently
Motions subtle in your dreams
Quietly barking


Walking, stumbling
Just one thought brings us forward
Thoughts of juicy brains

Hidden Monsters

We're living a lie
Hiding amongst the living
They must never know


Delicate fingers
Music flows from the metal
Rock n roll for life


My dear barbecue
Although I can not have you
Your smell still brings smiles.


A thousand cranes weep
A thousand sorrows
For we can not be

Rock n Roll

Delicate fingers
Music flows from the metal
Rock n roll for life


We're living a lie
Hiding amongst the living
They must never know


Walking, stumbling
Just one thing brings us forward
Thoughts of juicy brains

On the Prowl

Supplies dwindling
Need some fresh meat from somewhere
Always looking out

There, wolf

Howling outside
The full moon shines in the night
A monster rises


Haiku on the back
A stranded Walmart receipt
Poems all alone

No Hero

Outside looking in
A princess is in danger
I am powerless


Moonlight silhouettes
A cackle in the distance
They are above us


Painted up faces
Costumes hiding our true selves
We come out to scare


Dancing is easy
When you know how to do it
One, two, cha-cha-cha


Villains sneak and lie
Top hats and long trench coats
They are the shadows

Green Lantern 2814.1

The color of the light
I am here to protect you
My name's Hal Jordan

Atheist 101

Sorrows seal your fate
Beauty is in the details
There isn't a god

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