I Came I Saw I Pleaded Insanity

I Came, I saw, I pleaded Insanity

This was one of the very first stories we wrote. (written sophmore year of high school) ^^

Page one

By Amy

A scream came from the bathroom, Jen and Sally stopped fighting, and put their katanas down to investigate. They looked inside to find Ali foaming at the mouth staring wildly at the toilet. She turned quickly to Sally and jen. "RABIES!" Jen screamed, "MUST RESCUE ALI!!" "No Jen, No!" Ali tried to stop her but it was too late. They both flew into the bathtub, with jen trying to choke the rabies out of her friend. "oh my." cried Sally. Jen stopped choking Ali and looked back at Sally, then to where she was pointing. THE TOILET! It too was foaming. "It gave Ali rabies!" Jen screamed. "revenge for Alex!" With that she lunged at the toilet and started beating it with a plunger.Ali spit the tooth paste out of her mouth.

"That's what I screamed about!And it spit out this!" She threw a card at Jen, hitting her in th back of the head. Jen turned from the toilet and growled at her new attacker. Ali let out a little squeak right before Jen lunged herself at her again.

Sally calmly walked over and picked up the card and read it out loud.

Dear Insanity trio, you are all accepted to my school of magic. Join us, or DIE!!
Sincerely, ME

Page 2

by Amy

"Finally a new school!" said Ali.
"ooh, magic!" said Sally.
"DIE! DIE! DIE!" Cried jen. Ali slapped her in the back of the head. "Sincerely me? Who's that?" She finished.

"Oh, there's directions" Sally stated after she flipped the card over. "they say we must do the following to get to school:
1) turn around 45 times clockwise" (they did)
"2) do it again, because Jen went the wrong way."
Sally looked at jen surprised. "How did they know I would?" She cried, but Sally and Ali shrugged, and they spun again.
"3) good, now the voodoo spirit dance "(they did)
"4) Alex, flush the toilet. " She reached over and flushed.

Just then, a large hand came out of the bathtub, and went for Jen. She dove out of the way. It opened up a large closet door with a sign that said: "DO NOT OPEN!" There was a large portal on the other side.

"I always wondered what was behind that door." Stated Ali, looking throough. Jen and sally moved closer. "I always thought it was really special towels" Jen said, eating beef jerky. The hand beckend, but Ali anbd Jen started fighting again.1Finally, it pushed them all in and slammed the door shut.

Page 3

by Amy

"whhhhhhhaaaaaaa!"*THOMP!* Ali felt the groun. She picked herself up and looked around. Little Fluffy frolicked by…..then a T-rex, chasing them. THUDDD! Ali looked back, Sally fell 20 feet away from her. "where's Jen?" She asked, but then…..


Jen moaned waist high in mud. She glared evilly at the cliff she hit, then walked over to the others. "which way now?" Sally wondered. "TURN AROUND, FOOLS!" The three jumped at the vioce. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" They screamed.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Screamed the voice.
"AAAAAHHHHH-oh, it's you." jen looked dissapointed.

Page 4

by Amy

Amy smiled, "Welcome to my school of magic! We haven't come up with a name for it yet2. Follow!" She brought them inside to the greeting hall.

"How did you come to own this?" Ali asked suspiciously while doing the can-can. Amy smiled and pointed to a large sign. "I came, I saw, I purred?" Sally read, confused. "WHAT?!" Amy turned and looked at the sign. "Stupid punk cats!" She went and cleaned off the sign. "there."

"I came, I saw, I pleaded Insanity?" Ali read. "I don't get how that got you the-" "-WELL!" Amy said happily, We must get you to the greeting ceremony!"

"That explains where she's been for the last two days." Jen said. Amy opened tow great doors and showed them in. "Oh, by the way," she stated, "I'll be joining you in the classes, because I have no idea what I'm doing." With that she left to go to the stage where she could make her greeting speech and introduce the teachers.

sally writing
Everyone focused their attention to her on the stage. Suddenly Amy realized everyone was watching her. "Uhhhhmmm…I did my project on moles… I mean rats.."she3nervously called out, then yelled "Where are those blasted teachers? They can't even show up for school? Who do they think they are, anyhow?" Then she exited the stage, mumbeling about how they expected her to introduce her. The audience sat there.

page 5

By jen

There was silence as the teachers entered the room. All that could be heard was an occasional stomach growling. How long had it been since they'd eaten? The teachers, faces hidden under dark cloaks all lined up along the teachers table next to Amy who was still mumbeling to herself.

Suddenly, the teachers took off their cloaks and Sally, Alex and Jen screamed histerically. The entire school looked at them. "oh yeah" replied Amy. "I got our old teachers to teach here." "Oh." they gasped, while the rest of the school exchanged looks.

page 6

1/2 by Jen, 1/2 by Alex

"We will now be sorting students into their houses." said Proffesor Queen.4"the houses are Band of monkeys, Smoke Signal, Asylum, and __ Pink Vulture Clan__" " I am head of house Band of Monkeys" said Queen. "Satan's5head of house Smoke Signal, Boggasouras6 is head of house Asylum and Groucho Marx7 is the head of Pink Vulture clan."

"NOW LET THE SORTING BEGIN!" Yelled Amy as she jumped out of her chair.

Alex writing

Then, Amy took up a long roll of parchment. The parchment was so big, that she fell over! "Argh….ow!" She cried as she hit the floor and rolled down the steps. She struggled with her cloak, and the weight of the parchment, then finally stood upright. "I'm okay!" She shouted, reassuring everybody. "I'm okay!" Then, still struggling with the weight, She climbed back up the stairs, and turned to face the students. She sighed deeply.

Page 7

by Alex

"Okay, I will now begin to sort you into your houses. When I call your name, I will ask you a few simple questions, and I will decide where you go."

"Alex Chaya"

Nervously, Alex stepped forward. She walked past Amy, and sat on the stool. Amy, slowly, put the parchment down, and walked towards Alex. "Ms Chaya. If that IS your name"
Alex was confused. "Of course that's my name? Why wouldn't it be?" Amy just sighed. "Alex Chaya, how is it you ended up here?" "Well," Said Alex. She was a bit proun to self-conscience behavior (cuz she's crazy, obviously) "I was foaming at the mouth over the toilet. Don;t know why I was at the toilet and foaming. But Jen came in, with Sally, and said I had rabies, so-"
"No no NO!" Amy shouted.

Page 8

By ali

Then she sighed in frustration. "Never mind. Alex, where were you, on the night of december 12th, at nine pm, at night?" "December 12th?" Alex repeated, a little quietly. She shrugged. "I was sleeping." "sleeeeping you say?" Amy asked, suspiciously. "yeah…" Alex replied, slowly.
"Okay" Amy shrugged, satisfied. She walked back over to the parchment. Alex was stunned and confused. "Tha-that's it?" "yeah" Amy replied, nodding her head. "you're in band of monkeys."

The second table to the right errupted in applause, so Alex, still slightly confused, got off the stool and walked over to the table and sat down. Once it got quiet again (which didn't take long, when Amy gave them all "the look") Amy continued.

"Sally Gorrill."

Sally didn't think the questions could be too rad, so she wasn't too nervous to go up to the stool.

page 9


She sat down and Amy began the interrogation. "Please name for me the genious and scientific name for the wolf." Which type of wolf?" Sally asked, a little cautiously. "uh.." Amy paused. I don't know.

** Sally writing**

Sally said "Frog." Then she left. Amy called Jen to the stand. Jen promptly began to sing the ABC;s as loud as she could.

Jen writing

Amy strained to speak over her. "you're in Pink Vulture Clan, and Sally is in Smoke Signal. And since I'm a student, I'm in Asylum.

Sally, Alex, Amy and jen looked at each other. "noooooooo!!! We're in different houses!" While Amy howled, Sally, Alex and Jen exchanged glances. "house Asylum must be the insane house." Whispered sally. They looked at Asylum's table, which was all screaming and jumping all over the place. "No, i think it's smoke signal" replied jen. They were all calmly sitting at their table.

page 10


"well, I think Pink Vulture Clan is stupid!" yelled Amy. "yeah!" Jen agreed. There was a pause, then "hey!!" Alex, Sally and Amy laughed. "well, if house Asylum is crazy, smoke signal is thoughtfull, and Vulture Clan is not so bright8, then what is Band of Monkeys?" Wondered Sally. They looked over at House Band of Monkey's table. They were all asleep. "OH MY GOD! THEY ALL HAVE NARCAROLEPSY!!!" Jen screamed. With that, both house Pink Vulture and Asylum began screaming.

Amy roured.

page 11

by jen
Nobody moved. Nobody spoke. "YOU WILL NOT PANIC!! There is nothing to be panicing about! Now, sit down so we can all eat!" Everyone obidiantly sat down. Amy muttered some magic words, and food appeard before there eyes. After dinner, everyone went to their different house rooms.

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