Intro To Comedy Greats


So back when I worked at Mardens in Gray, I met this great guy names Mark Persky who introduced me to a lot of fantastic comedy history. So I would like to enrich your brain and life with some of this fantastic information about the greatest comedians of all time. I would also like to thank Mr. Stash for introducing us to a lot of these great comedians too. = )

I'll be adding more comedians and more info soon. This is just the beginning!


The Marx Brothers
Laurel & Hardy
Charlie Chaplin
W.C. Fields
Buster Keaton
Carol Burnett
Mitch Hedberg
Eddie Izzard
Gabriel Iglesias
Robin Williams
Mel Brooks
Harvey Korman
Madeline Kahn
Margaret Dumont
Catherine Tate
Abbott and Costello
The Three Stooges

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