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Mathematical Error

(Ali; 3 February)

In the original Star Trek series (episode 1.15 entitled Court Martial), Captain Kirk is trying to explain to the court who has him on trial for wrongful death that they can boost the audio on the ship. The way he phrases it is that they can up the volume by one to the power of four.

OK, so that sounds really impressive. But think about it: one to the power of four.

If anyone is familiar with exponentials, they would know that ny is n multiplied y times. If that's too confusing, here's an example: 52 equals 5 x 5, or 25. So if you take 14, that's still 1 x 1 x 1 x 1.

Which is still one.

So if you want to sound impressive, you can say 150; but one powered to any number is still going to be one.

Sorry, Star Trek. I do so love you, but your writers need(ed) a bit more education in the level of the most basic math.

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