One of the original "creators" of the stories that decided to haunt the authors (and their friends) for the rest of their lives. She is evil (or tries as hard as she can to be so). She was also the one who started the YEARS long conspiracy of witchcraft against the accused Alex. She owns a stalking list. But there's only one person on it…(Which is Alex, of course). Supposed owner of Killer Rabbit (she likes to think so to spite John) her greatest fun is pissing her friends off. (and drinking Jones Soda ^^)

Parts of the story with Jen in it:

There she was, one of Jen's favorite people in the whole world to
torture, and she was running in circles and screaming bloody murder. Jen
was delighted. How could Jen further torture Alex in her already dire
circumstance? She picked up a rock and lobbed it at Ali's head, knocking her
out. "Now to find some rope!"

The Grand Stories Chapter 1, The beginning of the end (or the end of the beginning)

They were getting away from her, and Jen glared at their backs. She was lucky that the hopscotch on the pavement had slowed them down, they had a hard time syncing it together while carrying Ali in between them. Now Jen was at the hopscotch, and she just made it without falling over, only to look up and see Sally, Amy and Alex dissapear through the castle door. Jen opened the door and let it crash dramaticlly behind her. She had to save Alex, and beat up John for running away to be a ..well..she wasn't sure why he ran away, and assumed it was to join the circus, and he didn't want to tell them why he was going because then he'd have to reveal he didn't get a cool circus job but a rather dull or embarrassing one, like being the bearded lady for the freak show or something. 'I wouldn't write home about that misadventure, no sir'

The Grand Stories Chapter 19 A Little Sigh of…LOVE!

Meanwhile, Jen is disapointed because she had no luck was so ever at finding and Brownies, but she did manage to get back to her old height again. She walked into another room only to find Amy and Sally sitting behind a desk glaring at her evilly. Jen knew she was in trouble, and so she had to think fast. "moo!" she tried. "quack." countered Sally. "meow" Jen tried again. "BARK!BARK!" Amy yelled, standing up. "BAAAH!!" jen yelled triumphantly. "gobble gobble." Sally grinned quietly and hit the red button that made Jen fall through the floor. "BUCK BUCK BU-GAWK!!" Jen cried as she fell. "good comeback" Amy nodded, impressed.

The Grand Stories Chapter 23 Delirious

The girls kept running up to the jukebox and feeding it money and punching the numbers of the songs they wanted it to play for them. After the second dollar, Jen made a flying leap at it and kicked it right below the glass. The groups to this day isn’t sure what happen but the jukebox stood up and ran out of Yankee Lanes, crying.

The Grand Stories page 2 Chapter 1 Life's a Bitch and then you Deal with it

..just last week in fact Jen had turned Ali's new pet kitten into a 20 foot tall rabid math problem ..

Society Of Evil Unwanted visitors

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