Jennifer Hussey

Jennifer Hussey

I feel happy here. Don't you? ^^


She is alive, fer seriously.
I crawled out from under a rock and decided that it was time to be alive.

Fun Facts

Is Grand Master of all things!
Is 99% prudish
favorite color:orange!!
favorite food: apple soda! (it could be food ^^)
Age: 32


"Excuse me, would you remove your mouth from my ass?"


john-murray Met this moose in high school
Alex Chayaone cool Duck

Contact Info

meet me in the parking lot after school ><
Aim: Draculabaa
Email address: moc.oohay|aysdaaz_leroid#moc.oohay|aysdaaz_leroid (if its important or you actually wish to contact me)
or moc.liamtoh|eimasuthak#moc.liamtoh|eimasuthak (if you want to send me an email but don't care if i never get it) OR moc.liamzbd|1202ognam#moc.liamzbd|1202ognam (if you want to send me hate mail that i promise i wont read for another month or three…)
myspace: Sergeant Mornie

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