{aaah, what could we say about John?} He has been prisoner of these four people since he was a freshman in high school (surely he will rue the day he ran into these silly ninnies). He is the attempted owner of the Killer Bunny… which is hilarious, since the Killer Bunny belongs to NO ONE. He is an evil, conniving engineer who threatens to take over the world with his own Trojan Horse. He claims he has nothing to do with the stories. But he's here. And he's in them…

Parts of the Story With John in them:

And at that moment, even feather-haired John had to stop and think about what he'd just said. The statement that leaked from his mouth was DANGEROUSLY close to Princess Vespa in Spaceballs. Parody princess or not, Vespa was still a princess. And since John sounded like her… "Shit." John cursed himself out. Distracted by his pseudo pincess-y behavior, the rage began to leak from him. He took the opportunity to look around him and think of a way out of his mess.
The Grand Stories Chapter 15 ** How It Came To Pass**

Sally meanwhile shrugged and grabbed the costume closest to her, and disapeared, while John tried very hard to not fall for the same trap as the others. But it wasn't easy…he wanted all of the costumes in the store, and didn't know why..they all looked interesting and yet he tried to stay away from them, to try and grab the wrecthed gremlin and demand answers…but what questions did he have to ask? Grabbing a costume from the corner, he looked at the gremlin and demanded angrilly, "does this go with my eyes?!"

The Grand Stories Chapter 11 The Plot Baby

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