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We've written plotless stories, poems, fan fics, and even serious stories, and here is a page for those who would like to try their hand at writing stories that may be suitable for young kids. Enjoy!

(unnamed at the moment ^^)

(by Jen)

Once there was a boy who lived in a small village in the desert with his family. He had many brothers and sisters, and though they were poor they were happy with each other's company. They did their chores together, ate together, and even worked together.

A time came to pass however when the eldest of the children wanted more from life then what they had. It was true they lived in troubled times, and the eldest only saw the bad things in life. After he pointed out all of the awful things the other children began to feel the same. They became unsatisfied and unhappy with their life.

When the youngest heard this, he felt the same as the others. There were so many bad things happening in the world, what good could possibly be left? He thought long and hard about it as he drifted off to sleep that night, wondering when had the world turned so dark and gloomy?

After a long and fitful sleep, the boy awoke and sat up. The sun had not yet risen, and he stirred from his bed to look out the window. He starred into the night sky and thought ill of the world he saw until all of a sudden he heard a sound. It was something beautiful and soft, and the little boy felt compelled to follow it.

His feet moved slowly across the dirt floor until he came to the door. He pushed it open, and the faint music grew slightly louder. It was a strange soothing sound that moved slowly and sweetly.
Walking out into the open desert, the air was cold and for a moment a breeze wrapped around him and made him shiver. As the wind traveled away from him the sound did too. Not wanting to let go of the beautiful sound he was hearing, he followed the wind, running after it, but the wind was too fast, and soon left him behind.

The little boy bent over to catch his breath and realized he was out of sight from his home. He was about to turn back, when he heard another sweet and beautiful song drift to his ears. He turned and looked about in excitement, and not far off he could see a field of tall grass on the edge of the desert. racing towards the new sound, more lovely then the first sound, he saw the tall grass in the field was covered with dew. As the wind shifted through the grass, the water rang like tiny bells. The boy sat next to the field and listened to the rising sound of bells and the sweet slow sound of the wind.

The he noticed yet another sound that rose and fell to the beat of the chiming bells. Tiny crickets sang softly when they heard the slow song of the wind rush over them, together creating a melody that made the boy give a little smile.

Suddenly, however, the music stopped. The boy turned to see what might have caused this, and saw behind him that the sun was rising low in the sky. It dried the dew on the leaves and hushed the sleepy crickets to silence. The boy sat frowning in the morning silence, when again he heard a melody drift to his ears.

He crossed the field and saw that on the other side was the seashore, and here he heard the slow and steady beat of the ocean. The water kept the tempo while the slow wind made the melody. Behind him the crickets again rose from their moment of silence to sing along with the new song. The boy didn't think the song could be any better then this, but he heard a new sound from not far away.

He walked along the shore toward the new sound, and here he found a forest. Stepping closer to it he could hear birds sweetly singing from the tree tops overhead. With all of the other sounds he could hear, it was like an orchestra was all around him. The birds were the flutes, the ocean was the cello, the crickets were the violins, and the wind the slow and majestic song of a trumpet.

Soon however, the boy heard another sound rising from the distance, this one more wonderful then all the last. He ran through the forest and saw before him a tall mountain climbing up to the sky. The boy was afraid of it's height, but this new sound was so pretty he had to follow it. He climbed, and climbed, and the higher he got the better he could hear the song.

Finally, when he reached the top, he stopped in wonder for all that he heard. The trumpet played a slow song over the mountain, and he could still hear the slow beat of the cello, it's song moving up and down in a steady beat. The violins and flutes harmonized with the trumpet, and he thought he could still hear the faint sound of bells. But there was a new and wonderful sound coming up to the mountain to join the song and make it complete. Down below, the village was waking up, and faintly he could hear the sound of their laughter, their songs, happy voices that rang out and rose in volume to join in a triumphant chorus. It made the trees turn vibrant green in the morning sun, the field a swaying sea of tall grass and flowers, the ocean sparkled like it was made of diamonds, the desert a shifting lake of gold. Everything was full of music and color. The boy finally felt happy and content again, and closed his eyes and smiled.

When he opened them just a moment later, he was back at his house, lying in bed. Had it all been a dream? He was startled to see his mother in his room cautiously looking out the window as some men ran by cursing the air and behind them angry looking soldiers followed. There was the sound of guns then silence. The boy worried again about the good left in the world, when he remembered his dream. He found that as he listened, he could still hear the faint sound of music, and smiled as he went back to bed, feeling no fear. The world is music, and it is beautiful.

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