Killer Bunny

Taken directly from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this bunny's name explains everything. Ergo, there is nothing left to say.

Killer Bunnie In the Story:

Jen growled. "alright, that's it.
you know what? I'm getting off here." She then made a break for the door,
somehow managed to get it open (we have no idea how this happened) and she
began free falling. As she started falling, she began contemplating how to
survive the landing. Luckily, killer bunnie was there and told her what to
do. Approaching the earth, Jen desperatly hoped that Killer bunnie knew what
he was talking about. "WHAP!!!" Jen went into a coma.

The Grand Stories Chapter 1 The beginning of the End (Or The End of The Beginning)

"Sorry Jen, now that I'm evil, I'm just more evil then you. Even Killer
Bunnie says so." Jen gasped. "Killer bunnie wouldn't say that! " "oh
really?" John grinned as Killer bunnie apeared on his shoulder. "NO! OH MY
GOD! NO!!!" Jen screamed in horror. "Killer bunnie! How could you?!" Killer
bunnie did not answer.

The Grand Stories Chapter 1 The beginning of the End (Or The End of The Beginning)

"my my, killer bunnie sure has outdone himself this time, hasn't he?" "Why's that?" Jen asked, dragging John into the closet. "Well, look how nice the place looks." Amy pointed out. Jen locked the closet door and then looked around Ali's house. "Killer bunnie is on Ali's side?!!" Jen asked in horror. "no Jen. right now Ali is destroying John's house, because she thinks that killer Bunnie is destroying her dream house. " They looked out the window to see that john's house across the street was now billowing smoke and there was a shower of objects being thrown out various windows. "So when Ali finds out her house has been improved instead of destroyed, she's going to have a huge guilt trip." Amy finished. "and then?" Jen asked. "and then she'll die."

The Grand Stories Chapter 5 Unfriendly neighbors

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