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Inspired mostly by Bo Burnham, a page dedicated to all the things that define love. It should be warned that trying to define this word/emotion is a lost cause because it's slightly different for everyone and you never feel the same feeling of love for every person in your life.

But it's still fun to try and define. :)

Love Is Lyrics

Personal List


  • Trying to understand the other person's point of view
  • Understanding what makes that person tick.
  • Knowing what to put in their cup of coffee
  • Making them laugh
  • Battling (i.e. punching, kicking, flailing, poking, karate chopping, nunchuck-ing,…)
  • Listening
  • ..pretending to listen
  • Getting into fights but always being able to say "I'm sorry".
  • Going out of your way to hang out with/be around that person
  • Having similar interests
  • Being able to tease/make fun of them in a light-hearted way
  • Feeling comfortable in their arms
  • Your heart being able to flutter in your chest every time you see them.
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