OC: This is a world that is always dark. After nuclear wars and chemical warfare has over taken the planet Earth in the mid 21st century, a strange disease spread that killed more then half the world's population and what survived began to mutate. From the chemical warfare mishap based on a mad genetisists work, people began turning part animal themselves. Some were frightened of the change and became crazied. Those who are alive during this era lost many loved ones. Some people took the new changes to mean they are gods, and seek to continue the world war that started all this madness. This story is about those who have survived and the army they built to win back their country from the war, from those who would take the little they have left, and to free the world of the shroud of darkness that has taken it over.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1


Bridgit's POV:

Everything that matters is gone.
No light, no sun, no hope.

Some may call it the apocalypse. I was never a religious person, but calling this the end of the world makes a lot of sense. I do not know what god or devil did this to us, but all the world I once knew is gone. Everything, everyone, we are all now creatures of the night.

There had been explosions, declarations of war. Suddenly the sky grew dark and people dropped like flies, dead left and right with no explanation. Within a month, more than half of the entire world's population was dead. This was not the result of nuclear warfare. Something greater had been at work but no one would take the blame.

Within a year, the ones that had survived started to change. Some grew horns, some claws, or serated rows of teeth. Some could shoot poison through fangs or tails, and others grew wings. I had felt sorry for the first to change into the half human half animal creatures, as they were labled monsters and torn apart by fear driven war crazed people.

But then we all changed, all of us. Now we are all monsters in a world with an infinetly cloudly sky, no sun, no light, no humanity left.

As if this tradgedy was not enough, there are those who still wish to win the war they started. They think they will win and take over the whole world as they have nothing left to lose.

But neither do we.

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