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Ugliest Shirt

Mr. Stash once came into Ali's and Amy's 8th grade history class wearing a sea foam green shirt. Ali remembers nothing of the material of that day and blames it on the horrific color of his shirt. Even to this day, she will bring up this incident to explain why she loathes that color.

Over Taking the World One Map at a Time

There was some time to kill before history class one day and Amy decided she wanted to spend it the best way she knew how: plotting her takeover of the world. Mr. Stash had a floor to ceiling laminated world map and Amy asked to borrow a dry erase marker. From that point, she started diagramming her takeover. The only thing Ali really remembers from her plan was that Amy wanted to sink Australia into the ocean and make it the new Atlantis so it could become her lair beneath the sea. Instead of being mad, Mr. Stash sat back and watched us. He approved.

Dinosaurs and Time Travel

In seventh grade science, there were a couple times where the students (as in about every class) had to go to the library for a "research project". On more than one occasion, Ali thought her time would be better spent bothering the teacher. So that's what she did. She spent at least two full library periods getting away with distracting Mr. Stash and talking to him about dinosaurs and the genetics behind Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. They also discussed time travel.

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