Aeron Valante

Name: Aeron Heron Valante
Gender: Male
Age: 57 (In Human Years)
Class: Crusader (Paladin - Tier 3)

1-10 Scale Stats
Strength: 7 (Determines weight, overall lifting capacity and damaging capacity)
Agility: 6 (Determines dodge, evade and counter, and overall nimbleness)
Vitality: 8 (Determines endurance relating to exposure to poisons and elements)
Stamina: 6 (Determines endurance relating to running, fighting and overall health)
Willpower: 7 (Determines capability to use magic. Note: Araleis Average: 8, Paladin Average: 5)
Intellect: 6 (Determines capability to learn new magic.)
Bravery: 5 (Determines the will to face against impossible odds)
Faith: 4 (Determines the amount of religious idealism potent in a being)

1-100 Scale Stats
Health: 78 (Standard HP)
Magic: 90 (Standard MP)
Energy: 67 (Benefactor: Stamina - Measures Stamina in battle situations)
Hatred: 35 (Benefactor: Energy - Energy Bonus when enraged. Low amounts indicate difficulty to enrage.)

Description/History : Despite being slightly elderly, the man retains a youthful age appearance of thirty-two. He wears a light brown leather jerkin underneath metal plate mail armor, as well as specifically tailored cotton slacks. His pants are reinforced with a ring-mail barrier, sandwiched in between this surprisingly durable-made fabric. He carries a longsword and a shield, both of which are enchanted with healing properties. His sword, "Ryker", has a tendency to heal the wielder with every successful strike against a non-human target. This also includes Araleis and sadly, the opposing Whiteriders. His Shield, however, generates enough healing magic in an hour to cure and stitch up minor wounds. For greater cleaves against him, he resorts to his higher level healing magic. With quite the sturdy build and rugged charm, he's the typical phsyical appearance of a protagonist "knight-in-shining-armor". He, however, tends to keep his distance from anyone but his own race, so finding him in a group of Araleis is not far from normal.

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