The Araleis (Memories of Alabaster)

The Araleis (Aralei if Singular) were once a proud race of mages similar to humans. You would normally find more extremes to height within this race of men (and women). These people were not however technologically adept, and relied on the elder ways of living, using magic when they could. Their two greatest achievements in history in the area of construction are these: The floating Capital City, Celius, and the White Tower, a now ruined landmark which was the center of Alabaster. There are only two cities of Araleis, but the latter lives in ruins after Humans turned traitorous against their kind and slaughtered the place, feeling threatened that the cities' finest would attack their capital of Ryelindel, just across the mountains.

An Aralei can encompass a wide range of classes, but only those who use magic. This includes Paladins (Holy Warriors), Druids (Nature Mages), Shamans (Hexing Mages), Pyromancers (Fire Mages), Hydromancers (Water/Ice Mages), Wizards (Arcane/Base Mages), Clerics (Healing Mages), Summoners (Conjuring Mages), and Warlocks (Shadow Mages). Araleis however, are the only humanoid that not only specializes in these classes, but can further advance their class status to its third and final rank, once having attained "Grand" or "Arch" as a surname to their class.

Class Lv.1 Class Lv.2 Class Lv.MAX
Paladin Grand Paladin Crusader
Druid Arch Druid Avatar
Shaman Grand Shaman Inflictionist
Pyromancer Grand Pyromancer Task Mage
Hydromancer Grand Hydromancer Enchanter
Wizard Arch Wizard Mystic
Cleric Grand Cleric Battlefield Cleric
Summoner Grand Summoner White Summoner
Warlock Grand Warlock Deathbringer

Other Classes Araleis can become include special and nearly unique jobs, such as:

Astromancer (Star-Mage)
Astramancer (Lightning Mage)
Inscriptionist (Tier 3 Scribe)

And also add magical trains to even completely physical jobs, however those are hard to come by. There aren't many Warriors now-a-days with a magical demon familiar riding shotgun on his shoulder…

Most Araleis died at the Purging of Alabaster, but a good thousand still live, and live quite hated toward the human race as well as carrying a personal grudge of their own.

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