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Fight Club


Fight Club is one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. It's also listed on almost every single "MUST SEE MOVIE LIST" I have ever encountered either via internet or other media.

I am a huge fan of foreshadowing and it can be very difficult to do. One has to be subtle so the viewer barely notices its existence until the right point. This movie did an amazing job of foreshadowing. All the pieces are lying there throughout the movie and most everyone skips over most of the clues until everything comes together in the end.

But it's not just the foreshadowing effect that makes this film brilliant. It's everything. The violence, the blood, the "secret society", the darkness, the character deliveries, the characters themselves; the perfect kind of "night life/living in the shadows" kind of story.

I really loved the lighting of the film, too. If you notice, almost everything is shot at night. This gives the movie a very dark and almost eerie feel to it. In the few scenes it is daylight, there isn't much to show for it. You never see sun shining through the windows, bright blue skies with puffy white clouds and birds singing. It would just throw off the entire feel.

The characters are also brilliant. And if you notice while watching it over, you NEVER see Brad Pitt's character (Tyler Durden) in the same room with Norton (who has no name in the movie) while Helen Bonham Carter (Marla Singer) is around. I would like to say that you never see them together when other people are around, but they are when they start the fight club (which used to confuse me..). But, obviously, when you finish the movie, you realize just WHY Tyler Durden slips out of the room just in time for Marla to enter.

I think this film is just fantastic and everyone should see it at least once.

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