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Rocky Horror Picture Show on Glee


The episode hasn't aired yet (it doesn't air for another week) but I saw the little teaser video via YouTube with the cast performing "Time Warp". And I have a bit of a problem with it.

There is no Frankenfurter.

HOW can you do Rocky Horror without Dr. Frankenfurter?! Without him, you have no play. I'm sorry. He's the reason Rocky even exists. Plus, they have Santana, Mercedes and Brittany singing "Sweet Transvestite".

Uhmm….kay. Would really love to see how that one plays out. Three girls singing a song about a being a transvestite? Not really that big of a deal. Girls dress like guys all the time and it's pretty socially tolerated. But a guy dressing as a girl is very much not. So a guy in womens lingerie while dressed in whorry makeup is actually pretty fucking shocking.

And that's the POINT.

I just don't get it. Why did they not cast a Frankenfurter? They made the new guy Rocky but without a Frankenfurter (as I said), there would BE no Rocky, so might as well scrap the whole thing!

I know this all sounds like I'm just pissed off but seriously: if you want to do a cover or a tribute show to something, you DON'T freaking take out the main character! That's like doing a tribute to Firefly but leaving out Mal; or casting Buffy but forgetting Buffy. Or doing a cover band for the Beatles and thinking John Lennon's not important!

I'm just going by the reason that all of them knew they couldn't pwn Tim Curry, so they just decided not to try. Because they would FAIL.

I brought this up with Jen and she made an interesting point: the show has tackled a LOT of serious issues in the year plus it's been on. Teen pregnancy, adoption, feeling outcast, peer pressure, sex, drugs, religion, etc….NONE of which are easy issues to bring up to a public as a whole. Not many people are willing to discuss them at all. But this show has. So why not have a Frankenfurter? Or is having a guy dressed the way he does "too much" for a show that doesn't seem afraid to bring up discussions no one wants to talk about?

Anyway. Just wanted to vent. Thanks for listening.

Comparisons of NBC's Chuck versus ABC's Castle

(by Ali)

I love the Joss Whedon's series, Firefly. Of course, I have an affinity for Joss Whedon's work because…well…I happen to be a bit of a fangirl (and a dork). And even though the series disbanded seven years ago, it's still one of those shows that will remain one of my favorites.

I ran across this web page a while back thanks to StumbleUponTM: Click Me. There is a column listed saying "If you Marry One, Expect…" and under Firefly it says: "to watch TV's Castle just so you can see Nathan Fillion."

So I got to thinking…..did the people who created the page not know that Adam Baldwin (who played Jayne Cobb) was on Chuck? I know Nathan Fillion is awesome and played the Captain Mal(colm Reynolds), but does Jayne not count? Personally, Jayne was one of my favorite characters.

But I started thinking about this (as I often do because I have no life) and I wanted to compare the two shows. I have seen both but there is a flaw in my argument: I stopped watching Castle halfway through the first season, whereas I've kept up-to-date with Chuck.

But I shall do this anyway.


Castle is a show about a mystery author who hits a huge writer's block. His name is Richard Castle and is played by (you guessed it) Nathan Fillion. By some circumstance that I can't recall on the top of my head, Castle becomes part of the NYPD team and helps solve murder cases. Castle is a heartthrob who likes to have fun and party. He ends up with the very overdone plot device of the odd couple as his "partner".

However, despite his antics, Castle is a very loving father. He puts his teenage daughter (her name's Alexis)'s existence before his own and she is very understanding of his boyish ways. His mother also makes a multi-guessed appearance at their house, attempting (but usually not succeeding in) knocking Castle down a few pegs.

The show airs on ABC and is in it's third season.


Chuck is a show about a college almost graduate dropout from Princeton who is working at the Buy More (aka Best Buy) as a Nerd Herder (aka Geek Squad…er). Thanks to his ex-roommate, Chuck incidentally became the computer for the CIA (known as the 'intersect').

Adam Baldwin's character in the series is named Col. John Casey, an ex-Marine who I believe was affiliated at one point with the Special Forces. He works for the NSA and is one of the "handlers" for Chuck. As a cover, he also works at the Buy More. And, like Castle, he also has a daughter. Her name's Alex.

The show airs on NBC and is in it's fourth season.


Despite Castle's love for women and all things pretty, he ends up falling for his partner, Det. Kate Beckett. She's the alternate side to the odd couple plot device and she likes hiding the fact that, despite all the annoyances she spouts at Castle, she's still a huge fan of his work (But, in all honesty, she's not very pretty).


Chuck has shown time and time again that they can throw beautiful women at the fans and get away with it. It's almost to the point (personally) where it's a little annoying. Granted, Chuck's a spy and thanks to Bond. James Bond., American fans expect all spies to be escorted at all times with beautiful women. Granted, they do at least make them useful for plot. The only annoying thing about it is that sometimes such a show of beauty and sexuality can be a cheap trick to distract you from the fact that, uhm, there is no plot.


As for Firefly cast members, Castle has had zero. I guess having the captain of the Serenity is more important than reuniting any of the cast members.

In Chuck season four, Summer Glau (River) played one of the Grettas at the Buy More.


Personal comparisons:

As I mentioned before, I have not kept up-to-date with Castle. It is not that I don't adore Nathan Fillion (I was Captain Hammer for Halloween. C'mon), it's that I got really annoyed with the writers of the show. Everything was plot devices and predictable outcomes….Nathan Fillion's supposed to play an author of mysteries but the writers of that show can not even pull off a basic drama-comedy. It just felt too hacky.

Chuck, on the other hand, I do keep up-to-date with. But despite this, there are some things I don't like about the show. The constant over sexualized manner the girls are in, the random slow motion movements as Sarah's trying on bikinis or pouring water on herself…come on, people. Granted, it's funny to watch the show with Nate and Josh because (like any geared-to-male-audience show) they are the target audience and the casters of the show will do everything in their power to keep that target audience invested.

As a girl…'s a little much. And I like girls. It's still too much.

Chuck also took me a really long time to get into. I got through the first season and a half before I even started really liking it. I stuck with it for several reasons (yes, one of them being because I love Adam Baldwin) but a season and a half? I know I am not their preferred target audience, but it's surprising I actually took to the show after that time at all.

On the other hand, I liked Castle instantly and then my affection for it sizzled out when I realized I could write circles around the writers with my eyes closed. In summation: it became boring.

As for the daughters on the's cute that both Mal's and Jayne's characters have daughters…but they are so close in name! You have to wonder if it wasn't deliberate. I mean, seriously: Alexis and Alex? Dude.

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